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I know this is a request that comes up from time to time.

But can you please add an option to the mobile app to save notes in plain markdown? The reason is the good old one: I need to edit the files on Nextcloud WebUI but I can't. I think adding this option would be the cheapest solution for everyone's similar problem (even if there is some feature loss).


I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this? Do you mean you would want the notes themselves to be saved as md files instead of being in the database?
Currently Joplin doesn't really support any kind of online editing but I can export a note to my nextcloud notes folder and then edit it online, obviously this doesnt mean that it will change anything in Joplin itself.
If you mean that you want the edit to be picked up by Joplin then I think you will need to wait for Joplin Server.

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What I meant is that the files created by the Android app are non standard md files on Nextcloud and the built in Nextcloud editor can't handle those files. (Nextcloud, Notes and Joplin are all the latest versions.)

I have found lot's of tickets related to this issue and my idea was that the most easy solution is to have an option in the Android client to use plain markdown files.

I have seen the announcement of Joplin Server but if that won't be a Nextcloud app then I'm sure we'll move from Joplin to any other note taking app because I'm sure I won't install another service on my server just because of this.

The files themselves look fairly normal to me, its just the additional metadata Joplin is using for additional information and to maintain sync/version history etc. so editing the .md files in your nextcloud/Joplin directory isn't a good idea. The nextcloud editor was also capable of handling the file (for me) when I took a copy and moved it to another folder so not sure what the incompatibility you are seeing is?
Out of curiosity what is the case for this (not saying you don't have one)? I could understand if Joplin stored the nextcloud .md files in a notebook hierarchy with standard names (i.e. like a very basic version of a web version) but not sure about the need to edit the sync files on the web vs just editing on mobile or a desktop (even portable) version of the app.

To clarify once more. Editing data on sync targets is a big no-no. You must not change files on th sync target manually. They might seem like ascii and/or md files, but they could be anything. The sync target is exactly for that: syncing.
The format could change anytime.

Please do not open or change files on the sync target.

What you probably want is a Joplin web client or a Nextcloud app. A nextcloud app does not exist, but there's a Web client in the #apps category.

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First of all my apologies, the files are OK I was jus confused by the metadata at the end of the files (very short notes with very long metadata confused me). Sorry again.

To clarify once more. Editing data on sync targets is a big no-no. You must not change files on th sync target manually.

Ok, probably I missed this. Thanks for the info.

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