Parallel editing with Joplin and NextCloud-App not possible?

I tried to synchronise a Joplin notebook with my NextCloud instance, which works quite well. But I realize that Joplin and the NextCloud notes app use two different ways to store the notes into the file system:

  • Joplin creates a new file with a hash as its name
  • the NextCloud app uses the note's title as the filename

So I wonder if it is in any way possible to edit a not in both Joplin and the web interface of NextCloud, as it is currently possible in Evernote - because I try to replace Evernote by Joplin/NextCloud.

The sync target data is not designed to be edited manually, it isn't a 1:1 reflection of your notes as it contains all kinds of metadata and revision data that you don't see when looking at your notes directly.
It is a bad idea to be editing anything in there.

Thanks, I thought as much. Just hoped there would be a trick to get that done.

There are some projects on the go by community members such as Joplin-vieweb: a simple web viewer/editor for Joplin notes but there isn't really a proper online Joplin web client. You might find reference to an old deprecated nextcloud app for Joplin but that is probably about it.

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