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Hi, just started to use Joplin. Great piece thank you!
I have tried to setup a sync with my home hosted Nextcloud service that is running Nextcloud 22.2.3.
The sync is somehow strange, some notes are synced some not, the website pages added by webclipper show up in NC as multiple text files.
I tried to find some guide how to use Joplin and NC but have not found one. What do i do wrong?

I think i got the point. The IOS app and Desktop app now sync through the NC correctly. What confused me the NC itself. The notes created in one of those apps can not be seen as in the apps, and note created in NC itself does not show up in the apps. Is my assumption that the NC can only be used as sync server and not a "place" to manage and view the notes, correct?

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Yes that is correct. Nextcloud is just a sync server and you cannot edit/view the notes from within Nextcloud.

Hey, welcome!
In addition to the response above, editing sync target files manually could corrupt all the notes there. Even better would be to disable Nextcloud native client syncing for Joplin folder to prevent it messing with Joplin files.

Thank you!

one more question. How do i make and use mulitple Notebooks in app?

It works great by creating one more notebook in app. Again the confusion of mine was that i was not sure how notebooks and webDav url correlates to each other. Now i understand. thank you

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