NextCloud self-hosted syncing problems (Windows 10, Android)

I'm using Joplin 2.11.11 portable on Windows 10 and android-v2.11.32 on Android 12 (Samsung Galaxy 10).

Recently I switched from Joplin installed version to the portable and from Dropbox sync to NextCould self-hosted sync. To make sure does no conflicts, I created jex backup, deleted all notes, restored from jex and synced before starting the migration to another sync target.

I've installed NextCloud on shared hosting (1024Mb memory) with MySQL database and copied Dropbox Joplin files from my local folder (d:\dropbox\joplin) to NextCloud's self-hosted server to (data\user\files\joplin)

After that, on the NextCloud dashboard, I enabled the "Share folder" and created a link and password for it:

I've decided that the safest way would be to allow Joplin to connect this folder only, so I've used this manual:

My Joplin desktop 'Options - Synchronization' settings are:
Synchronization target: Nextcloud
Nextcloud WebDAV url:
Nexcloud username: XXXXXXXXX (from shared link)
Nextcloud password: ****** (shared link password)

I've tested the connection and everything is looking fine.

So I've synced on the Desktop and provided the same credentials on Android. But now some notes are not synced on Android.

It seems that I missing some essential parts of syncing process.

Should I use the NextCloud Desktop client for Windows to sync my folder with the self-hosted server? But which folder - the same one I was using for Dropbox? Or maybe there is a mistake in my syncing workflow?

I'm using End-to-end encryption:
Encryption: Enabled
Public-private key pair: Generated
Master password: ✓ Valid

Also, the first sync is taking 2966s. I switched from Dropbox because on Android it was taking hours to sync all notes (around 400, that's not too much, most of them without attachments)


Joplin version: 2.11.11
Platform: Windows
OS specifics: Windows 10 22H2

Joplin version: android-v2.11.32
Platform: Android
OS specifics: Android 12

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Joplin portable on Windows 10.
  2. Choose NextCloud as the sync target.
  3. Provide the credentials based on the shared link from NextCloud's self-hosted server.
  4. Upload Dropbox Joplin folder files to NextCloud's self-hosted server.
  5. Sync with NextCloud.
  6. Android: Provide the credentials based on the shared link from NextCloud's self-hosted server
  7. Android: Sync with NextCloud.

Describe what you expected to happen

Notes should be synced on both devices.

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