Mobile config (ios+android) for nexcloud not used / not stored

Came across Joplin and already love it and all the features. But to be really useful for me I need syncing via cloud. Installed it on linux w/o problems. Only as a test I installed the portable version on a windows laptop and could fetch my data over from linux to windows using my own nextcloud webdav share. So everything with the setup of joplin on linux and nextcloud seems correct. Now I load ios and android versions and have the same problem w/ those. I enter nextcloud url and credentials on both and the sync configuration test is OK on both devices. But whenever I hit sync it jumps to a screen for Dropbox configuration, which is not what I want and looses the nextcloud info, quite annoying as entering the (long) data already serveral times on both devices.

Mention I use e2ee from the very beginning.

Versions: linux=1.0.165 ios=10.0.36 android=1.0.281

Likely it s just me too stupid to figure out but help very much appreciated, as I really would like to use this app. Thnx

As I have discovered, Joplin uses Dropbox by default. You have to enter the configuration (setting) tab and select “File System” on the “Synchronization tab” (wording may differ a little since my interface is not in English). After that, you go to the next field and set the absolute path to where your owncloud directory is.

But, before that, you have to use Android configuration to give Joplin disk access.

Mine is now working (even thou I had a lot of troubles before figuring the whole thing out).

That’s what I have done, using Configuration / Sync-Target (*): change default Dropbox to Nextcloud with entering the url user-name and pwd. And after that I hit the check button which does verify the data is correct, and it is! (double check w/ wrong url or wrong pwd brings a connection error). Also I did in the android settings for App enable Storage access, which might not even needed, as before I did not have this enabled and it also did the connection check positive. Can anybody confirm with the versions I used (see initial post) it is working correctly, as I have no idea what I could have done wrong. What bothers me that both android AND ios does the same thing: when manually initiating synchronization it request Dropbox data, emptying out my previously entered Nextcloud data. Remember I just freshly installed all the apps for linux, windows, android, ios. The nextcloud directory also has the encrypted data *.md files plus resource directory w/ some test images.
So the path from my linux machine to nextcloud storage looks very ok, only the 2 mobile clients aren’t able the fetch the data.
Any hint appreciated.

(*) free translation as I also do not use english version, rather the german

You have to click on Apply (the check mark symbol) at the top of the config screen after making changes.

So I have to admin it was me being too stupid - I just missed the little icon with the save symbol at the top of the configuration section. I was under the impression whenever I do the nextcloud connection check it is saved at that time (maybe an idea to think about - at least in a successful connection test - to save that configuration automatically)
Thanks anyhow for this wonderful piece of software and sorry for the noise :slight_smile:

edited: tessus, thanks figured it out in the meantime :slight_smile:

No worries, one could assume that a successful test would save the sync target change.

The problem is that this “autosave” would also save other changes. Not sure, if that would be wanted.