Can Joplin edit Nextcloud .md files?

Can I edit Nextcloud .md files with Joplin. So can I use Joplin just as an editor, without importing to Notes? And saving in the original file, as they sync back to Nextcloud.
I was looking to install a Markdown editor, then realised that Joplin might be able to do it, and Joplin has a nice wysiwyg mode and I already have it installed.

OK now it looks like it's not possible in this closed thread.
I'll have to keep looking for a wysiwyg editor now. I'm currently editing the remote files using the Nextcloud editor. I'm hoping to be able to edit the local sync copies.

The target .md files are not designed to be edited, they aren't a 1:1 representation of your notes and contain a bunch of other metadata stuff. If you are using Joplin to sync between clients then editing the files directly may break it.

For a good markdown editor I like Mark Text (its like Typora but open source)

Or check on its Github repo (the previous link seems dead at the moment I tried to visit it).

Thanks. I am now using Marktext to edit Nextcloud files. It's UI is not quite as good as Nextcloud or Joplin. But it's acceptable.

Yea, thats pretty what I was doing before trying Joplin.
So youre not using Joplin anymore?

I use Obsidian for editing my .md files on my Nextcloud shares. Joplin cat edit regular .md files you need to import them into Joplin.

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