New User questions

I am moving from Evernote and here is my usecase:
I use the notes app mainly for searching and reading notes, no editing or changes required. I have 20+notebooks with 5000+notes, all just text. I use the copy/paste to add new notes in in the desktop app when necessary.
I used Evernote and was happy with it, but now its time to quit. So Joplin.
I do the reading from my android tablet. With Evernote the sync was not an issue. Only if I did not have internet, no sync and no reading.
With Joplin, I have already imported all of my notes. I don't want to depend upon sync but rather manually copy all files to tablet so they will be available even without internet unlike in Evernote. Is this possible? Can I copy the Joplin Windows desktop files to my android tablet and have the android app read the files?
How would I accomplish this? I have been reading the forum and think it sounds like I may have to use dropbox to sync, which I don't want to as I might not have internet at all times.

You can sync to the file system on the desktop apps as well as the Android app. I think that would accomplish what you're asking. But my question is why? Joplin works just fine in offline mode. It syncs when you have a network connection and your notes are available when you don't.

You cannot "copy" your files to the tablet (it is to my knowledge not possible, and if it was possible, it would require lot of knowledge of the database structure which you may not have). Just by sync-ing once over the network (local or internet) you do not loose them when you are offline. Just go offline and both machines have all the notes.

it is possible to synchronize to local file on android app, and I trust it is possible to copy it from computer, but I don't have experience. maybe this old thread can help :slight_smile: