Simply save text/note files on a computer from a smartphone to a computer (copy/paste)


Sorry for my really bad English.

  • The version you are using: Joplin 2.8.1
  • Synchronization with: Android smartphone = local = File system
  • The operating system you are using: Android 12 | ColorOS 12.1

I really like free software and I would like not to change software just because I can't save my documents with Joplin.
The problem is very simple.

I use Joplin only on my Android smartphone to create text/note files.
I simply want to locate the text/note files I created with Joplin in my phone's memory, then save them with a simple copy/paste on my computer via USB.

The problem is: I can't locate these text/note files in my phone's memory.

(1) Is there a specific directory where Joplin stores text/note files in the memory of an Android phone?
(2) If not, then do I have to use the "Synchronization" function with "File system" to save these text files / notes on the memory of my Android phone?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Joplin does not store notes as discrete files, it stores them in a sqlite database.
Even if you use the file system sync target you will not find a 1:1 copy of your notes as it adds metadata to each file. The filenames are also the internal IDs and not note titles as it isn't designed to be "used" by anything other than Joplin.

Ok. Thank you very much for this information Daeraxa on how it works.

My question is the following:
How do I simply back up (copy/paste) all my notes or rather, which files to copy/paste to another medium to make a backup?

I think I'll change software if it's that complicated.


I'd use file system sync pointed at a local folder, and then you can back that folder up to a different location. Please keep in mind though that if you want to restore the notes from backup, you will still need to sync them into Joplin first. Of course, when doing the restoration, you can use a clean installation of Joplin.

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