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Hi. I moved to Joplin from Evernote. I don't need real-time continuos synchronization.
I manage notes on the PC but would like to sync notes between PC and Android say once a day without using online services.
(1) Is it possible?
(2) I can create a directory on the PC an then sync the notes there, but then how can I sync my notes on Android and viceversa?
(4) Connection smartphone to PC via USB cable.

This doesn't appear straightforward to me.

Thanks for your help.


You could do a File System Sync to a second directory on both devices.

Then use syncthing or good old file/folder movement to sync these second directories.

Then each Joplin can File System Sync and pull in the changes.

If you are just reading notes on the device, you could also do a backup or export from your desktop and copy that file to the mobile.

You could also get some webdav space and store the data online. Probably encrypted though.

You have choices.

Take a look at a program called syncthing.

It does Real Time synchronization between Android and Windows.

Were is the restore function for the backup in Android please ? In which directory were are the files to be copied to be accessed by Joplin?


For dekstop, the joplin page for the addon/plugin is at Backup Plugin

There is a link to a github where it describes the restore process.

For Android, I'd suppose you'd just do a export to a JEX file

On your phone go into configuration and synchronization settings and set it to file system and then it will give you a box where you can choose the folder on your cell phone that it will use.

This is the way via sync with local system not to import of a backup. I asked were to place the backup respectively how to import a backup with android not a local sync file.a Backup is different from y sync

The Android app does not support importing JEX files. As of now, it can only export them.

I made the suggestion that I did because as the person that just posted said you can't import.

I'm pretty sure you guys are have to use one of the supported connectors in the Android client or choose local and use a third party tool to sync the data.


I am also trying to do exactly that. However, not with local file sharing, but by creating my own server through the NAS path I opened on the modem and making my server accessible via Nextcloud and Docker. Details can be accessed here:

By the way, I would like to draw attention to the fact that many topics have been opened regarding synchronization.

I use four different synchronization programs taking advantage of their individual strengths.

Foldersync from the Google Play app store synchronizes files from my phone to the cloud. It backs up my text messages every day at 2:00 in the morning.

Syncthing real time synchronization server that moves data from Windows to Linux and Android.

Rclone kicks ass on Windows Linux and Mac desktops. It can synchronize and connect to over 50 Cloud providers including next cloud. Next Cloud does not provide a way for you to mount a drive in Windows or a folder in Linux to your next Cloud Server. With Rclone you can mount a drive in Windows to your Cloud Server and it could be Drive letter N for example.

If you would like to be able to open a Word document that you have stored on xcloud and you're on Windows rclone does the job and it is well maintained and open source.

That very same program has been incorporated into an Android app called Round-Sync which is rclone for Android.

With one touch you can run a pre-configured task to synchronize your Joplin files between your phone and your next Cloud Server or your Nas server.

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Thank you. I had installed Foldersync when I tried Obsidian. Frankly, I don't want to deal with another application for synchronization other than Joplin. I am thinking of entering my Nextcloud server link in the synchronization section of Joplin and synchronizing that way. Do you think this is possible?

By the way, after I sent you a message, the synchronization of my Onedrive on mobile finally completed. I had started it three days ago. Hurray!

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I completely understand.

It would be very nice for all of us customers for consumers to have and ask for any number of cloud providers for whatever app you're using. The Joplin developers have their hands full developing Joplin and really don't have a lot of time to code a dozen or more Cloud providers for synchronization.

Rclone does two things really well Mount Cloud drives and synchronize data actually a third thing it can encrypt the data too.

My backup software for example leverages Rclone. The backup company wrote the open source backup software that runs on Windows Mac and Linux and they Incorporated the use of Rclone as the method of connecting to over 50 Cloud providers and synchronizing the data. I say leave the syncing to the sync folks. It's all the app does.

Thanks. But the thing is, Nextcloud and WebDAV options are already active in Joplin. So, theoretically, we shouldn't have to deal with applications like Rclone or Foldersync. Therefore, I advocate for the use of existing Nextcloud and WebDAV options in Joplin rather than adding a new feature. However, for an ordinary user, these options are more cumbersome than Onedrive and Dropbox. That's why someone knowledgeable should create a step-by-step guide.

Sorry, I did not realize nextcloud was built in. That changes things a bit.
There are only a handful of cloud providers. I guess if you want to go with whomever you want, you can go the rclone route.

I still use rclone on the desktop to mount a drive to nextcloud. There is no way to do that in their software, and I would hate to lose it. I haven't personally tested this, but I read that large files are not supported. Nothing over about 500MB, so I couldn't load ISO files to my server and that would stink.

I have nextcloud installed on my truenas scale server.
I just loaded my own Joplin server, but it's not working yet.

I find nextcloud a neat toy, but I could never use it as my only cloud service.

It's okay. Nextcloud is a promising project due to its open-source nature. Joplin is a very generous application when it comes to adding server resources, which is great.

The path I'm considering is integrating Joplin and Nextcloud with Docker. I also plan to connect my mobile Joplin to my Nextcloud account. This way, I believe there won't be a need for an external application for synchronization on mobile. For me, this possibility is even more unfavorable than the Onedrive option.

I started on onedrive. It was the path of least resistance because I'm already a Microsoft customer and it's only $1.99 a month for 100 GB of storage.

I back up my Joplin data from ms to pCloud for a safe keeping.

I understand. However, Onedrive and Dropbox slow down to a painful extent. So, either we need to use options like Rclone and Foldersync, similar to your solution, or we need to turn to Nextcloud and WebDAV, which I think is the ideal option. Anyway, thank you very much for helping with your replies. I wish you success in your work. By the way, let me share a small trick. I had purchased a 2TB space from Google Drive for a month and put unnecessary files there. Now I continue to use it without paying. Of course, I can't upload files anymore because the time period expired. But I can still access my files. So, although I criticize Google in many ways, I have a positive attitude towards them in terms of cloud solutions.

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If this is true, then it's very bad news.
My Joplin databases are currently on PC, Joplin on my Android phone is still empty. How can I replicate everything on the phone if a JEX cannot be imported? I want to avoid doing it over the cloud.

Thanks Andbenn, your approach looks promising. However: Does a File System sync produce a similar folder structure under Windows and Android? This only would make synching between the 2 directories a viable option.