A dedicayed note taking app vs syncing my PC files through the cloud

Sorry for another noobie question. This is not aimed at Joplin in particular, it's about note taking apps in general.

If I can use my phone to access my files on my PC through a cloud syncing service, or write a text note on my phone and save it to my cloud sync service, why would I use a note taking app like Joplin or Evernote?

A bit of background. I started using Evernote in about 2011 for personal and work use but I'm not a power user at all and don't manage any projects that are complicated or require team collaboration. I eventually stopped using it because it seemed to be a black hole of info that I was worried I'd never find again. I recently started using it again, very lightly, and then tried Joplin and then realised I wasn't even sure if I needed it. It just seems to add an extra layer (barrier?) to any project management or info management process that I currently have and an extra data format between what I've got on my PC and what I'd put in Joplin. I'm not sure that last sentence will make sense, sorry.

In theory Joplin doesn't accomplish anything that you can't accomplish with just a file structure, notes, text editors and an inbuilt search from your OS but what Joplin and other note apps offer is the simplification of such tasks. Tagging for example would be a far more manual process or would require specific tool setup to manage, version history and e2e encryption could well be more difficult to set up and maintain.
For me it just makes life generally easier.


In terms of managing and syncing files via cloud service I think Joplin and manually editing are the same. They both works well in creating and syncing note files among clients and cloud syncing services. But the different is, in my opinion, Joplin provides an integrated and much better note creating, editing, especially searching user interface, which are very important for me.

I use Synology Drive for file syncing and Joplin+WebDAV for note managing at the same time, and the two of them are irreplaceable.