File system sync and File sharing

Hi there,

Context: Joplin Desktop on several Windows, syncing from a unique shared folder.
Problem: It works fine, except for image, file links, and everything which is not markdown or web url.

Feature we would like to have : Ability to change the resource folder (~/.config/joplin-desktop/resources).
When we add an image, it makes a link on the local computer file system, so other users can't see this.
If we could change the resource folder to put the same for every user on a shared folder, it will works.

I saw we are not the first to reach the problem with file system sync, this feature would resolve this problem about files uploaded in note through file system sync.

Best regards and thank you for the product, great job.

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Yes, please implement file syncing when using the File System sync.
Currently I have 14MB of files in my notebooks, but I can see that only ~500kB of markdown files are in the syncing folder.