New notebook shortcut doesn't work

Windows 10, Desktop app version 2.12.18 (prod, win32)
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I'm really, really, like seriously I'm trying to like Joplin, but I'm losing my nerves after getting on with another obstacle, that doesn't seem to have any solution. I've already came to terms with the fact that I'm manually transfering hundreds of notes from cherrytree, because exporting them to html, then to md and importing them, even one by one, is resulting in lack of images and a huge mess both in order and in structure. All I wanted was to be able to have my hierarchical notes both on my phone and my computer, that I cannot do with cherrytree, even with moving them manually. I can list some of things I'm having trouble with:

  • No possibility to order notebooks (without adding numbers as prefix or so)
  • Can't move any note to the top, have to place the top note down
  • No possibility of creating custom shortcuts/macros - I have to write by hand <div align="center"> all the time, if I want to center things
  • After assigning 'Ctrl+M' or simply 'M' (or anything) as action New Notebook/Subnotebook, doesn't work, but when I right-click on notebook it's showing that assigned shortcut
  • Can't turn off/hide notification about some images, that can't be synchronized to my local folder
  • Can't change name of note/book with pressing F2

Some of the issues I encountered so far are smaller, some are very annoying. I want to enjoy this app and not curse on it every other second. Is there something I'm doing terribly wrong or is this app just not for me? Maybe there's a better cherrytree alternative for me, that has hierarchical notes and is usable both on android and computer/desktop?

Your list seems long, and I don't have the time to write a response for every one of your "problem reports". But I think you haven't spend enough time to "study" Joplin. You expect Joplin to work in a certain way - a way you are used to. That is okay. The style of your last paragraph IS NOT.

welcome and pls excuse, I have to keep my attempt to help short, can just cover 2 items on your list:

Okay, sometimes this app kind of crashes for me, that I cannot type anything, but if I turn any function to browse files and close popped-up explorer window it's working again. Going back to the topic, just wanted to mention I did restart the app before to don't come out stupid with such a fix, but today I can take off the list two things:
2) I can now reorder my notes to the top (I already had turned on that custom order sort), but sorting subnotebooks without adding prefixes isn't possible
4) my assigned shortcut to create subnotebooks started to work
5) notification about errors in synchronization is gone

TLDR: some 'bugs' are resolved, maybe computer restart helped (restart of app did not). I guess I'm gonna have to live with rest of the things unless I find a workaround. Thanks for the help

I never center any text, but it seems to me that if you wanted a line like a heading centered, you could define an h command in the CSS style sheet as text align centered. So if you defined a 5th level header ##### as centered in your CSS style sheet, then you could simplify centering. The style sheets are customizable.