[Solved] "New Note"/"New Todo" shortcuts on Android. Change default Notebook

I am using Joplin 2.4.3 on Android.
The "New Note" and "New to-do" shortcuts available when long pressing the Joplin icon could be very convenient, but at the moment the new notes just get added to an arbitrary notebook where I don't want them.

Is there a way to change the destination of these notes? It does not seem to be related to Alphabetical order, nor the order in which the notebooks were created or last modified.


The creation of the note or todo is done in the last selected notebook. So it's not random but the fact that you can choose a default notebook is a good idea for those who use an "inbox" workflow.

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Thanks for the reply.

The creation of the note or todo is done in the last selected notebook.

This was my first though as well. Maybe I am experiencing a bug?
In the video attached you can see that:

  1. "__Heute" is selected.
  2. The new Note is created in "Welcome! (Mobile)"
  3. After creating my note I am kicked back to "__Heute"
  4. The note really is in "Welcome! (Mobile)"

This behavior persists are reinstalling the app; the only thing that changed was the "default" destination of the note (it used to be "_Projectkliste")

youtube dot com/watch?v=ZYMnpNeiHXU

:thinking: strange. I have the impression that the character _ in the notebook title causes problems because it is interpreted as a space... Could you try to remove this character and redo the test?

Removing the underscores did not change anything.
I did, however, discover a way to bypass the problem entirely.
When I close the app entirely the shortcut works as expected!
This bug only seems to occur when you leave the app running in the background (which is what I usually do).

I'm going to mark this thread as solved, thanks for the help!
Since this is almost certainly not the desired behaviour I might open a github Issue about this later.

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