Ordering notebooks

I find ordering notebooks with just a drag&drop very cumbersome. Is it just me? Not only is there no highlight to indicate where I'm actually dropping a notebook, but getting a notebook back in the root is a real pain. I realize I may be doing something wrong in which case I will appreciate advice, but I am also wondering, whether it is possible / just too difficult / plain impossible to 1/ enable the highlight of the notebook under which I am dropping another notebook? 2/ enable keyboard shortcuts for ordering notebooks in the tree?. Or at least a clear drop target for the root?

"NOTEBOOKS" is the drop target for the root if promoting a sub-notebook as all the notebooks sit under this.


Admittedly it is not overly obvious, especially as "All notes" sits between it and the notebook titles, but it is there.

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Thanks, this helps a lot. I was trying 'All notes', should have thought of going a bit higher, but somehow I thought of NOTEBOOKS as just a sot of an inactive heading.