How can I merge multiple notebooks into one notebook?

I was only able to export 100 notes at a time from Evernote into separate notebooks, so I have 6 separate notebooks in Joplin that I'd like to merge into one single notebook. The reason I want just one notebook is that when I edit a file from one notebook, that then becomes the default notebook, which searches and new notebooks go to. I have to constantly click on the 'All notes' icon above to get back to where I should be.

I tried to follow the instructions from How To Merge Multiple Notebooks - Support - Joplin
, which states:

if you don’t need multiple notebooks, you could simply select all the notes (in the Joplin desktop app) and put them all into the notebook of your choice

But there is no visible way to select all the notes. I installed the Combine notes plugin but all it does is add a 'Tools' menu item that says 'Combine selected notes'.

So how do I merge all separate notebooks into one single one?

I found out how to do this only by asking questions on other threads and by experimentation. Really not a good way to learn how to do what should be intuitively obvious.

  • Create a new note (⌘N).
  • First and foremost, you need to have both the 'sidebar' (βŒ₯⌘S) and 'note list' (βŒ₯⌘L) panes open.
  • Then select the top note in the 'note list' pane.
  • Then press ⌘-A to select all the notes.
  • ⌘-click the newly created note at the top, that you will be adding selected notes to, in order to deselect it.
  • Then drag and drop all selected notes to the new notebook in the sidebar.

Note that this will move all the notes to this notebook, which will take a while if you have hundreds of notes like I did. I tried βŒ₯-click while dragging but it didn't work. I find this really too risky. There is a risk that anything could interrupt the transfer, which, after all, is being uploaded to your cloud account, or that some notes were not copied. A much better option would have been to copy all notes first so you can live with the new notebook a while to see if everything went OK. I'm not sure if there were errors. It would be impossible to check.

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