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Keyboard shortcuts?


Is there any keyboard shortcuts in Joplin (for example how to add a link, etc.?)

If there are, where can I find them?


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All available shortcuts are visible by checking the menu - for example “Ctrl+T” to add a to-do, “Ctrl+N” for a new note, etc.

Ah, okay. But it doesn’t have keyboards shortcuts for adding “Markdown styles”. Like images, links, bold, etc.?

for that, I think a request has been made here. the wysiwyg editor should provide such a functionnality. (i suppose)

in my opinion, keyboard shortcuts would be a good enough first step, and probably easier to implement than new UI. Selecting text and pressing ctrl+b to make the text bold, for example - the same ways it works in many places, including this forum.

Switching the editor to a full WYSIWYG one would probably be too much work, although it’s not impossible it will happen at some point.

In the meantime, an intermediate solution would be to extend the existing toolbar with new buttons, eg. Bold, Italic, Links, etc. and associate shortcuts with them.

Yeah, that sounds like the best solution. If this would happen these are the ones I would like to see (only my opinion)

  • Attach Image (already there)
  • Links
  • Italic
  • Bold
  • Table
  • Code

Those sound great, though I’d also vote for adding “Mark” functionality. (As suggested here: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/457 )

Shortcuts for common md strings that are tedious to type would be handy:

  • New to do item, "- [ ] "
  • Line break inside of a table “< br >”
  • A quick 3*3 table shortcut would be handy and probably really helpful to new users

shortcuts to move between the zones please - search shortcut, list shortcut, note editor shortcut - in fact tab should go to just those 3 places. thanks!

I find the templates useful for this. I’ve just made a few variations of tables, and easily insert them into a note with Alt+Ctrl+i or from the menu

Ctrl + Shift + A for Attach is used commonly in other places, consider that combination.