Hotkeys for repetitive things?

I understand the reasoning behind having the markdown and not WYSIWYG in the editor, but some extra buttons would be nice, so we don’t have to type 7 strokes to get one result. Like, I want to mark items done in a list, and it would be great to be able to hit a button for either strikethrough, highlight, or check mark. It’s tedious to have to type four tildes just to get a strikethrough. Those hot keys (just like Bold, italic, etc) can still show up in all their coded glory in that markdown pane, but it would be a real time saver to be able to do those things more quickly.
So i guess the question is: did i miss something, or is there a faster way, a plugin or something, to do these things? (As well as in a previous post, a way to change the background a text colors, since i have a vision issue).
Thanks for any insight!

Unfortunately there aren’t any hotkeys for those things for a few different reasons.

  • For the checkbox it is probably pretty challenging to handle, plus you can already just click the checkbox to toggle which makes the keyboard shortcut less valuable.
  • strikethrough was missed and should probably be given a button and hotkey (you can create a feature request for this on github and link back to this discussion if you do). Side note: AFAIK checked checkboxes already do a strikethrough, would this be sufficient for your workflow?
  • highlight is a plugin and as such probably won’t see first class support in Joplin

Also an option is to use the external editor feature of Joplin, unfortunately Joplin does not excel in this department but there are a number of good dedicated markdown editors (marktext, typora, etc.) that can be utilized using the external edit feature that support a nicer editing experience plus I think both of them support more themes than Joplin currently does.

In regards to the vision issues, what specifically could be done to make it easier for you? Larger text, higher contrast colours? While it’s not trivial to add a new theme, it’s also not that difficult and if you’d like I can create a new theme for the vision impaired. The only catch is that since I’m not hard of vision myself, I’d need a lot of help from you to ensure that it is readable.


They don’t do a strikethrough, but they are greyed out. However, I remember you provided the CSS for strikethrough a while back:

.md-checkbox input[type="checkbox"]:checked+label{

@KelliJaeBaeli you can provide your own css via a file. for more information , please see the topic on userstyle.css ->


thanks for your response, I’ll give all that some thought. I’m not sure how to incorporate the CSS. nor if that means i’d have to put that in there each time i write a note…all that is still a little unclear.
As for the vision issues, mostly, i just need to get rid of any stark white screens. I often use dark teal and light teal for backgrounds and text, as those seem to be comfortable. I am constantly amazed at how starkly white Windows and apps are. It’s the reason why i now have vision issues. Years of looking at that in my work.
There are times when i can’t use dark themes or change things, because i work sometimes with graphic design, and that prevents me from seeing things accurately, so it’s a vicious cycle. But if i could at least gray the backgrounds, it would help.

i guess i don’t understand the reasoning of having a TO-DO list option, but no way to mark things off a to-do list, and also why we would have to go to outside editor to do something that i feel the program should do in the first place.
I gave up on Tiddly wiki because everyone who tried to help gave so much geek-speak, i didn’t understand what they were saying. Everything got so convoluted and complicated that i was spending way too much time just trying to get things working, at the expense of the other things that were screaming for my time. I didn’t have time for a huge learning curve, I’m simply too busy and I already have had to learn about 50 other programs in my work over the years. I guess i just like things that are intuitive and user-friendly. Joplin IS THAT, for the most part. Just coming across a few things as i go, that I’d like to see.

I seriously don’t get that statement. You don’t consider a check mark as marked off? I’m sorry, if the following is not clear enough, I don’t know what is:


Let’s wait for the new themes to become available and then we can re-evaluate if you’ll need something else for your vision.

As for the TODO issues, it seems that you might not be using markdown? Or maybe the renderer is open? You should see exactly what tessus has provided a screenshot of, and simply clicking should toggle the checkbox. Here is a markdown tutorial that hopefully will help you use Joplin better.

In regards to the “geek-speak” unfortunately you’re likely to find that here as well. Joplin is an in development application with 1 core developer, and this means there is no customer service and the app will be rough around the edges. For most of us users that’s an acceptable trade off for a powerful, free, open source note system, but it’s not for everyone.

yeah, you know what? you can dial down the snark. I didn’t understand that you could put an x in the first panel of markdown. I also didn’t come here to be mansplained or condescended to. If you don’t want to be helpful how about just say nothing?

There was no snark. I asked a serious question and the remark was also serious. Your interpretation on the other side seem to be emotionally loaded which is entirely your problem.
It is not my fault that you don’t know markdown. And then you are saying there is no way to mark things off. There are 2 ways to do that. My only error was that I didn’t get the fact that you don’t know markdown, nor that you apparently don’t know how to use the mouse to click on a checkbox.

Are you fucking kidding me? That’s it for me. I hope others will be answering your questions.

Guess you really didn’t mean this when you put it in your FAQ.
Very close to just going to some other program where I can learn and get answers without being attacked and condescended to. If so, I’ll be sure to notify all my followers on social media that this is not a friendly place.

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So, i figured out some solutions that might also help others with this issue.

In the screenshot, you can see that i didn’t have to deal with TYPING IN the brackets for the checkbox, i just hit the button for the checkbox to insert it on the left text screen, and THEN I COULD CLICK IT IN THE SECOND SCREEN ON THE RIGHT. Checkmarking quickly on the right hand/normal text screen, was what i was asking about before, and this is pretty quick for marking off list items. (Forgive me, I’m not sure of the terminology).
Also, for the highlighting in lieu of checkmarks, or just for quick emphasis, when you drag-highlight a selection and then click the code button, it performs a sort of highlight.

Problems solved.
Most of us wouldn’t be here if we weren’t new users, and there is a learning curve. I hope some of you will be more respectful of us. Just because we aren’t experts at this, does not mean we are not experts at other things, nor that we have compromised IQs. I appreciate your help in contributing to understanding and learning, rather than insults and disrespect and hubris. Thanks again to all those who have been polite and respectful and have responded so sincerely to my questions.

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