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Keyboard Shortcuts for Headings

I'm currently trying out Joplin after having been using the Zim Desktop Wiki for several years. One minor feature I'm missing from Zim is that there were keyboard shortcuts for heading formatting. CTRL-1, CTRL-2, etc. would apply a heading level from 1 to the maximum supported heading level.

Also, a minor note: the wysiwyg editor has buttons for up to three heading levels, but markdown/joplin supports up to four levels.

The richtext editor does have shortcuts for headers, it is alt + shift + n (n as in number not the key) and works all the way up to h6, there just aren't toolbar buttons that deep.

For markdown mode just add or remove #s obviously

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Ah, thank you. I had assumed there were no shortcuts because the Options window had nothing for headings under keyboard shortcuts.

Yeah, there is a bit of a disconnect still between the richtext editor and the shortcuts which mostly apply only to the markdown editor.
Joplin uses TinyMCE as the richtext editor and it mostly keeps the default keybindings which aren't overridden by the keyboard shortcuts in Joplin. This topic has a bit more info on other keybindings.

Look into clavier+ for shortcut you can do your own shortcuts with it outside Joplin. It can be used systemwide really nifty program

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