macOS: how to reuse tags?

Hi all.
I’ve just started playing with Joplin and so far, so good! I do like the ability to link note taking with web clipping. However… I don’t see a way to assign existing tags to new notes. It’s always about manually typing them again. Am I missing something?


On mobile, a popup is displayed with the tags list but not on desktop version.
So I move that question to feature request :wink:

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ditto on Winblows, feature request, please!
(slightly related, a filter on the tags listing would be awesome! especially with the ability to create a new note with the tag auto assigned by right clicking, or long press on mobile, directly on a tag. currently, with a tag selected and clicking new note, it shows the new note under the tag, but it isn’t really and won’t be there when you go back, unless you manually add the tag)

decided to post the above in as a sep post for feature request… sorry for clogging this one up!