Keyboard shortcut in desktop client to tag notes

I just switched to Joplin for some of my school notebooks. It would be great to get a keyboard shortcut to be trigger the “Add or remove tags” button for the current note.


Agreed, that sounds like a great idea. I’m intentionally bumping this, to get a potential second evaluation of how many people would think this is a useful feature.

Isn’t it Ctrl+Alt+T?

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You are correct, unfortunately I don’t think this is documented anywhere. Thanks for the heads-up.

It’s just under the edit menu
Screenshot from 2020-05-17 17-04-41

Please let us know what platform you’re on if you don’t see it like this. It’s likely a bug.

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No it's my fault, I'm just blind :slight_smile:. In my defense, I did look through those menus, but still missed the "Tags" entry -- sorry about that.

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