Suggestion - Tag label - Click to display notes sharing that tag

The below was mentioned in this post and it was suggested that it was created as a discussion topic in the forum.

I am not a programmer and so I do not know how difficult it would be, but the suggestion is to add a function to the currently inert tag label at the top of a note so that when clicked Joplin lists all notes sharing that tag, retaining focus on the note being viewed. It would just duplicate the action of clicking the tag name in the left Notebook / Tag pane. Effectively each note would have a clickable sub-set of the full tag list.

Possibly useful if you are viewing a note and want to see what shares any one of that particular note’s tags. So if your note has, say, five tags you can display a list of the other notes sharing each tag, one after the other, without having to scroll up and down through the full tag list in the left Notebook / Tag List pane.

This could be more useful than it would previously have been as if you choose to look at another note that shares the tag you can now use the “back button” to get back to the original note, which wasn’t a feature a couple of releases ago.

(I thought someone had previously suggested this but I cannot find it)

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Thanks for creating a discussion node. I see that’s a good feature even i need as i said earlier in this post. Waiting for senior devs to have a look at this. I’ll start implementing ASAP then.