Lots of .crypted files in resources folder after disabling encryption

Joplin Version: 1.7.11
Operating System: Debian Buster (Kernel: Linux 5.10.0-6-amd64 x86_64)

Hi there,
I enabled encryption and accidentally created two master keys with passwords I didn't want to use. I disabled encryption and all my notes appear decrypted on my second device. I have finally gotten round to removing the keys and cleaning up some old resources with jnrmor, and all my notes appear to be working as intended on both devices.

However, when I look in the resources folder I still see a bunch of files with the .crypted extension. Can I safely remove these? Are they still used for anything?

I also notice on my second device it says Decrypted items: 2917 / 2939 even though all the notes appear fine. Also the synchronisation status page lists no errors. I have a feeling it's also to do with these crypted files?


They are cache files so you can delete them.

Ahh okay, thanks!

Hmm that probably means they're not synced then right? Any idea what the remaining encrypted items are? I saw something about revisions also get encrypted, will they most likely disappear as the 90 day window for note history rolls over?

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