Need Help Unencrypting Some Notes!

Hi all,

I haven’t used Joplin in a while and wanted to get back to it.

When I opened up the application on my Desktop, I was not able to see some notes and notebooks, which have been labeled “encrypted” (see screenshot).

How can I get this readable again?

Thanks for any help that you can give!

What version are you currently running? A few versions back implemented a new encryption algorithm. If any of your devices including the mobile apps are using a newer version of Joplin, I don’t believe they are able to open notes on the older encryption algorithm. Instead, you should see a Re-encrypt Data option under Encryption in Tools=>Options. Let that complete and then try to decrypt afterwards and you should be good to go.

Hi, thanks for your help.

So on my mobile (the device on which I made the notes that are showing as encrypted on my Desktop computer), I can see the content.

As stated just now, the device that I’m having trouble seeing the notes on is my Desktop computer. When I go to Tools > Encryption Options this is what I see.


I downloaded an install package for Windows from the Joplin website and reinstalled. At first, Joplin showed a message that some notes could not be decrypted and could either be too large or corrupted.

I clicked “Retry” for the first one and Joplin was able to decrypt all of them.

Thanks again for the guidance!

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Sweet. Glad to be of help. :smile: