Loop "Conflicts" files Windows 10


System information:

  • Joplin 1.0.193
  • Windows 10 Home

I am using Joplin for my Android phone and in the Linux partition of my dual boot PC. Everything is working fine related with sync via Dropbox and encryption (my target is encrypted). When I tried to install the Windows version of Joplin, at first the authentication was successful, but when I tried to sync it according to the guide from the documentation I had some problems:

The first problem that I faced was that due to the fact that I had 2 master keys, the active one was the old one and not that with the latest timestamp as it was supposed to be.


Secondly, after the sync was complete, the "Conflicts" notebook was created and there was a loop of creating conflicted files [SOLVED]

This is a screenshot of the log and it continues in the same way like a loop:


  • I tried to delete the .config file and start all over again, but every time I am having the same problem :frowning:. Nevertheless I just wanted to say a great thank you for this amazing note-taking app!

To be more specific, for the first problem, the log file:

Error: ocb: tag doesn't match

For the second problem, the cause about the following log:

"Processing a path that has already been done: xxxx.md. sync_time was not updated? Remote item has an updated_time in the future?"

is probably due to the difference in time zones between the Linux and the Windows operating systems based on the fact that

Joplin indeed relies on the file timestamps so they need to be accurate.

So, I should be sure to sync the time zones