After encryption TONS of conflicts

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Joplin 2.13.9 (prod, win32)

Client ID: cfed8248927846bc80c3246ceee2f6c4
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 44
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 1bbec44

Sync target



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What issue do you have?

Moved from OneNote to Joplin and everything was great. All notes imported successfully and been using Joplin for about a week on Windows, Android, and Fedora (two instances). Felt I was ready to go to Encryption -- NOPE.

Per the instructions -- in "End-To-End Encryption (E2EE)" -- using my Windows Joplin, I turned on encryption, entered my password, and successfully encrypted/synchronized all 1117 notes. I then shut down my Windows Joplin and went to my Android Joplin. It prompted me to enter the password -- which I did -- and began syncing.

It got quite a ways through and then stopped before it completed and now there are a ton of my notes in the Conflicts notebook on Android. :frowning: I uninstalled the Android Joplin then reinstalled and now it won't get any of the notes. So, I uninstalled it again.

I then went to my laptop and opened my Fedora Joplin. It prompted for the password, and it immediately began showing Conflicts when it began the sync. :frowning: So, I shut it down.

How do I get out of this mess!? I really, really liked Joplin but this has left me very, very unhappy. At this point, I am not going any further.

I can uninstall or whatever the other instances but my Windows is currently my primary instance. Should I just disable encryption on the Windows Joplin and let it finish that, then uninstall/reinstall the other platform instances?

Do you have a complete, recent backup of all notes ... generated before the mess started ?
If yes, was the backup created with the "simple backup" plugin ?

Desktop Joplin: Create a new, clean profile. Enter the location of your old sync folder, and try to sync. If it asks for a password, enter it.


Android Joplin: Remove the data and cache of your Joplin app and try to sync again. If a passcode is requested, enter it.

It seems to be related to the service you use for matching. You can try it with OneDrive.

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-ajay: I have not made any backup. I have the local data on my primary Windows instance and that stored (via sync) in my Dropbox.

-Ranicloudy: I'm unsure what you mean by "Create a new, clean profile". On Android, I have already uninstalled the app (which removes all data).

-Medullitus: In the description of what has occurred, what leads you to believe it is just because of Dropbox and that moving to OneDrive would fix this?

Since it seems to be syncing fine just within the primary instance, I'm unclear why removing and re-installing the Android instance, then configuring it to sync, didn't fix it for Android.

I'm wondering this: I had made some changes in the primary before enabling encryption. I'm wondering if I should have fully synced all instances before enabling encryption? That, maybe, it couldn't deal with encryption and changes in the same sync? I'm going to disable encryption on the primary, let it fully sync to remove it, and then start over with fully sync'd instances before trying encryption again.

UPDATE: When I went it to disable encryption, I see that it showed two Master Keys. Unsure how that occurs. Could it come from incorrect entry of the key on one of the secondary instances? I chose to disable both master keys and am now syncing without encryption. I was successful with getting my notes back in place on my secondary instances and all is back as it was prior to my effort to use encryption.

There was a comment in the app's reviews on the Android's Play Store stating that synchronization with Dropbox was problematic, but there was no such issue with OneDrive. That's why I suggested it. Good luck...

@Medullitus Got it. Thanks for that info. Now that I've been through this -- and have recovered -- message I'll give it a try on OneDrive.

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