Sync decrypt issue with Windows 10 in multi app sync

Joplin Windows v2.18 all the way back in time to v1.7

I am syncing my Joplin notes via Dropbox with a Mac, Android and Windows 10 PC.

Both Mac and Android have no problems with the sync, download, decryption. But with the Windows version of Joplin, ever so often I get an error that a file can't download and decrypt. I'm pretty sure the file has downloaded.

error is: "Some items cannot be decrypted: View them now."

I've used one post to identify the problem file, deleted it and then am OK for a week or two. Then there are new files that give this error.

Please note that there are no issues with the Mac (2.18) or Android (2.14) versions.

I can't see any error message in the Syncreport...csv.

I'm stuck trying to identify why this is happening.

I don't want to delete a couple of notes every few weeks because the Windows version is choking on some notes.

Any suggestions on how to solve this are appreciated. TIA.

Whenever this happens first check the file downloaded correctly, compare file size on your windows machine against dropbox and maybe run it though md5 to make sure.

Once you've verified the file is correct next step is enable debug output and see if there are any errors there.

Thank you @roman_r_m .
I have noticed that the Windows version hasn't synchronized properly via Dropbox for some time while investigating the decryption issue. I'm going to completely delete the Windows install and start again.
If it starts giving me problems with the Windows 10 sync again, I'll follow-up.

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