Conflicts. All of my notes are conflicts now

For months I had no problems.
A couple of days ago I opened Joplin to copy out some text and all of a sudden I have 44 (all of my notes) as conflicts.
How can everything be conflicted?
I do not sync at all. There is one folder with all the notes in it and the .exe file.
I would appreciate any help.

joplinportable.exe file.
Joplin 2.6.10 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 1c7f8a52ae7a44f7944aec849f0583ef
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 41
Keychain Supported: No

Revision: 98fba37
Windows 10 build 19041

Can you please confirm what you mean by "I do not sync at all" ?
Does it mean, you don't have any sync setup, OR sync is set up, but you do not let it sync automatically or manually ? In the later case, can you check the logs and find the last date and time sync-ed ?

I do not have any "Sync" set up. Everything is in one folder and not shared with any other device.
It is all for use on one computer.
I opened Joplin one day and I could see all my notes being manipulated or moved by the program, to a conflict category and all my different categories were gone. It all happened within seconds.

I'm not sure what version of Joplin I was running at the time but it was a version from the last few months and so fairly current. After this mess occurred, I updated to the latest version to see if that was a fix, but it wasn't.

You say you don't have sync set up, then what is this folder?
The notes (*.md files) are all in a database not in the file system.
Do you mean the JoplinProfile folder next to the JoplinPortable.exe?

Could you upload the log.txtfrom the JoplinProfile folder.

I'm including a screenshot of my folder with the portable exe file and the .md files.
I do not presume to tell you how this program works but, it seems to me that the .md files are all in the file folder (system) with the portable. I assume the .exe accesses these files that store the information for each of my "notes".
I tried uploading the log.txt file but this upload utility has a limit of 4 mb and my file is 6 mb.
I have reduced the file size by taking out the months after March and before November and resaved it as "log-small.txt and it is attached.
Thanks for your help.

log-small.txt (3.8 MB)

Joplin stores its notes in a single sqlite databse within the JoplinProfile folder.
Those .md files are, as @JackGruber clearly suspected, because you have a local file sync turned on (or at least had) and are files generated by joplin for the sole purpose of syncing data to other clients.
What do you have in your Tools > Options > Synchronisation page?
It looks like you have/had a file sync set up on the same folder that the portable app is running from.

I had a quick look at the logs and you have some odd stuff going on.
It looks like it is trying to sync to F:\_SyncMulti\Joplin notes portable/ but also has references to E:/2_DATA/DATA/Joplin notes portable/ as the profile directory so I guess you moved drives at some point and confused the sync service by removing the old path?
I'm sure somebody more knowledgeable than me can piece it together better than my quick glance.

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Ya. I did not see that setting since I never intended to use the Sync function.
I thought, all I had to do was move the folder from one drive to another and all my settings would move with it. They didn't. I moved it from my F drive to my E drive. But that happened months ago when I built a new computer. I have no idea why the program would all of a sudden decide to scramble my notes altogether now in January but not in December. I wonder if there is an easy way to get them back in their own individual categories. I changed the path to the new location but that did not fix anything. I still have 44 conflicts.
Thanks for your help.

If you don't want to use sync then just turn it off (set the sync target to (none)).
The issue seems to be related from the fact that you had that path, typically file system sync is used for things like writing to a network share folder or for folder syncing via something like syncthing. If you don't sync at all then don't use it, if you need to sync using the file system then surely this needs to be a folder you won't be frequently changing.

That should indeed be the case. The portable exe keeps its data in the same folder you run it from so as long as you bring both JoplinPortable.exe and JoplinProfile together then they should work from pretty much anywhere on your system..

I can make those changes.
Is there any way to resolve all my "conflicts" easily?
The program apparently wants to delete everything and the only thing that is stopping it is the "fail-safe" setting. I think, if I uncheck the fail-safe, all will be deleted.
See the text below.
" Completed: 2022-01-10 9:49 AM (159ms)
Last error: Error: Fail-safe: Sync was interrupted because 100% of the data (9 items) is about to be deleted. To override this behaviour disable the fail-safe in the sync settings.. Path: E:\2_DATA\Joplin notes portable SYNC folder"

Yeah that makes sense, the fail safe is running because it thinks you deleted all its sync data but is making sure it wasn't by accident (e.g. imagine client 1 was sync'd to client 2 on the same folder, client 1 deletes all of the notebooks + notes which will remove them from the sync target and client 2 tries to follow, essentially you emulated this scenario by giving Joplin a blank file sync location).

I'm not sure there is a way around this other than restoring from a backup or manually resolving and sorting everything out - setting the sync target to none might resolve something but it isn't something I've ever tried.

Now that I realize the problem, I restored a backup of the portable folder from last month. All my notes were in there and not conflicted. Before any sync was attempted by the program, I was able to set the Sync to NO folder and turn off the syncing. I am back to normal and a lot smarter than I was.

By the way, I use Macrium Reflect for my drive/ folder backups as well as my system backups. This is the very best backup system I have found and the nice thing is that you can start a system restore from within Windows. I couldn't live without it just as I couldn't live without Ghost from the previous era.

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Good to hear its all ok. So you know there is also a plugin called simple backup which is extremely useful for backing up as well (it can create profile backups as well as JEX exports which can be imported directly into an existing joplin client).

I downloaded the plugin directly but where do I put it? In a plugins folder I gather but where should I put that folder? I tried putting it in the JoplinProfie folder as a subfolder but that does not give me anything when I re-start the program and look for the profile.

When I tried to do the download within Joplin, the instructions were to go to Tools, Options, Plugins, and do a search. I don't see a way to do a search from within that tab.

Correct, but the io.github.jackgruber.backup.jpl into the JoplinProfile\plugins folder. Then start Joplin, now you should see under tools > Options in the lower Plugin section a Simple Backup Plugin section and a menue point Tools > Create backup.

I wonder if my problem has to do with my using the "portable" version?
Here are some screenshots.
First one is my path to your plugin.
Second one shows my plugins tab and no plugins.

Wrong screenshot. Here is the one with my path to the plugin.

Are you sure you're running 2.6.10 version of Joplin?
The design of the app looks like 1.0.100+ and the new plugin section is missing from the settings.

You are correct. When I did my Reflect restore, I got my older exe file. When I put the latest version in the folder, I now have the backup plugin and just have to configure it.
In order to get it to show up, I did have to put the path into the plugins folder. I am going to have to see if I can put in a relative path rather than a complete path, otherwise, the folder is not going to be "portable".

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