Regular and repeating sync conflicts (file-system+syncthing)

Dear Jopliners,
I really love Joplin. It has become a centerpiece in my work and private way of working. There is one main gripe I have and that concerns syncing.
I used to sync via owncloud and webdav, but that resulted after a few years of fault free operation in a persistent sync problem. I then switched to syncthing, with the added benefit that I have all data under my own control. This works mostly satisfactory.
However, on a daily basis, I get sync conflict messages from syncthing. I then simply take the suggested version of the encrypted file, and everything works. Yet, often the same conflict pops up again. This happens while editing on just one client, mainly the windows client.
As far as I know all clients are up to date with joplin and syncthing, and also dates and so are set correctly.
Regarding the date setting: When travelling through various timezones, often I would see two files that had a timestamp difference equal to the timezone difference between my original location and the present location. (but the sync issue appeared already before this travelling and also after returning to my original location).

Multiple clients: windows (main), android (also used intensively), linux
Joplin versions: windows: 2.11.11, android: 2.11.32, linux don't have that one at hand, but recently updated
Syncthing versions: windows: 1.23.7 (syntraizor), android: 1.23.7, linux & pi: also not at hand now, but recently updated

What information do you need to help me resolving this, and/or any suggestions?

Thanks, a lot,

This sounds like a problem related to Syncthing (or the OS) rather than Joplin specifically. I would suggest that you open a new topic on the Syncthing forum at (disclaimer: I am a contributor to the Syncthing project). You may simply copy and paste there what you have written here.

However, in general, Syncthing doesn't rely on timestamps when determining which file is newer and it's also resilient to timezone differences. The problem is likely caused by something else (which I'd suspect to be related to Android).

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