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I have 16 plugins installed. On the left side of the Options page, I can't see or access the list of all the plugin settings. I can't seem to scroll down to the bottom to see all of them. Is this true of everyone, or is it due to the fact that I'm using a customized css (tessus/joplin-custom-css)? Is there an easy solution I'm missing?


It's not you. And it's not just the list of plugins. I checked by resizing the Joplin window smaller. In Tools > Options, the right pane gets a scroll bar when you shrink down the window, but the left pane does not. Make the window small enough and not only can't you access the options for the various plugins, but you can't see all the Options in core Joplin.

Note scrollbar in right pane:

This isn't a problem for me as I have large monitors, but I can see how it could easily be a problem on a laptop. Even for those with large monitors, it can eventually become a problem as we add more plugins.

Looks like there is a similar issue with the sidebar in the main Joplin window. Note list and editor panes get scroll bar as you resize main Joplin window smaller, but sidebar does not. By comparison, Evernote does have a scroll bar for their sidebar.

I notice that the Outline plugin's pane does get a scroll bar, so seems this is not an intractable issue.

Thanks. It's always good to know that I'm not the only one. I'd like to see two improvements: 1) obviously, a scrollbar for the settings pane, and 2) the ability to reorder the settings since there are some plugin settings that I'll never have to see again (e.g. inline tag).

See this other post:

Ant this github issue:

Looks like it has been resolved and will be in the next release. The scrolling, issue that is.

If you want to suggest a new feature, best to do that in a new thread in the feature category.

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That's good news. I'm happy to wait for the next release. And thanks for the tip on how to suggest new features.

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We only sorted them alphabetically in a recent version. In the beginning I think they were in the order they were added.
I'm not sure how complicated it would be to make your FR happen, but I doubt it would be high priority.

There are several high priority bugs to tackle and I think there are a few other things on the roadmap right now.
This doesn't mean that your FR (should it be accepted) won't be implemented. It might just take a while.


No problem. I would also agree that this is a minor, low-priority request. As long as the list is scrollable, then reordering is just a secondary feature. I appreciate all your work.

I had the same problem, and just figured out how you can see all the plugin settings, even before they fix it in the next release.
Simply zoom out (ctrl -)when you are in the editing mode (i.e. before entering the opgions). Go to options and click on plugins. Now you can see all the options on the left side bar.. but in smaller scale of course.
Hope this helps

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Thanks! That works well.

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