Left sidebar in Options section doesn't scroll

Now that I have several plugins activated, the left side bar in the Options section is too short. Meaning, some of the plugins I have activated aren't displaying their menu item. So for example, the Note Tabs menu isn't displaying:

When I disable the Persistent Layout plugin, then the Note Tabs menu item re-appears.

I'm on a small laptop, but it's not that small.

Is there something I am doing wrong or should I write up a bug report?

Yes please add a bug report about it.

OK! I did it. That's one of the first bug reports I've done, so it may not be correct.

You might want to consider adding a link to make bug reports in the side bar of the main Joplin page, https://joplinapp.org/


@whitewall, meantime you can use Zoom Out from the View menu, Ctrl - +. While things will be smaller, it's a workaround to change plugin settings of items towards the end of the plugin list, and you can Zoom back in when done.

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Thanks! In case anyone wants to try this, you have to zoom out while in the regular view, then open the options area.

It looks like the problem has been fixed and I guess will be part of the next update.

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