LineageOS 16 - Screen / Note Scaling

Joplin: Android
OS: LineageOS 16 (Wileyfox Swift - Crackling)

Joplin Devs,

I have recently been playing with running an Android phone without any Google software. I put LineageOS 16 (Android Pie) on an old Wileyfox Swift and intentionally did not include any Google services. I downloaded the Joplin apk ( from the Joplin site and installed it manually. It works and e2ee syncs with my Nextcloud server perfectly. I was surprised how well and fast it worked actually.

However I noticed that when viewing a note in portrait mode it can be difficult to read because the screen isn’t wide enough. Fair enough, it’s a small screen. So I turned the phone to landscape and found that the Joplin note was scaled up so that the same note width could be seen. You cannot “zoom out” from this view.

Screenshot_20191207-201535_Joplin Screenshot_20191207-201553_Joplin

I have my main phone running Google Android (9.0 Pie) and the Joplin play store app ( keeps the same font size when turned from portrait to landscape so you can see more of the width of the note.

I am loathe to think of this as a potential bug as it is a bit of an edge-case. So I ask this purely out of curiosity. Is there any difference between the play store Android installer and the downloadable apk or is this just likely caused by the fact that I am using LineageOS (sans Google) rather than full-fat Android?