Keyboard shortcuts for text formatting


This is for the Windows version of the program.
I want keyboard shortcuts for text formatting in the editor view where you have the formatting toolbar showing, and the markdown isn't visible. So you see the larger font of H1 instead of the # before the plain text.
I want to be able to press Ctrl 1 and my it begins H1 style, instead of having to mouse click on the formatting toolbar, for example. Ctrl-Alt-B for bullets etc. All the keyboard shortcuts currently available don't seem to be nearly as helpful as formatting shortcuts would be. For me anyway. Am I missing how this is currently done or something?


The keyboard shortcuts don't include any of the text formatting I'm talking about. The view I use is already built into the Windows app. I can already edit the text formatting by clicking the formatting toolbar buttons. I just want that same functionality in keyboard shortcut form.

The richtext editor uses standard TinyMCE keybindings for the most part so it does actually have heading shortcuts.
e.g. (Windows) Alt + Shift + 1 is h1, Alt + Shift + 2 is h2 etc.

It seems there is somewhat of a disconnect still between the richtext and markdown keyboard bindings.


Ahh that's great thanks! How about bullet points, checkboxes, numbered lists and blockquotes etc?

I had no idea but I found the answer!
On Windows:

  • Ctrl + Shift + 7 = Numbered list
  • Ctrl + Shift + 8 = Bullet list
  • Ctrl + Shift + 9 = Check box

If there is one for quotes I'm afraid I've not been able to find it.


Thanks so much! That's brilliant! I forgot to ask about highlight - do you know if there's a shortcut for that?

Also no, the lists related bindings seem to be the only custom keybinds added above the standard ones in the link to the TinyMCE docs (which actually uses higlighting as the example of how to add custom bindings to your TinyMCE code)

Ok, never mind. Thanks again.

Alt+Shift+N the is not easy to input, i think Ctrl+Alt+ Left/Right Arrow to increase/decrease level in MS Word is more convenient.
Is there a way to customize the keyboard shortcuts?