Keyboard shortcuts for headers in WYSIWYG editor? H1, H2, etc?

Does the WYSIWYG editor have a shortcut for header levels (H1, H2, etc?). I use these more than any other shortcuts/formatting but don't see them as an option in the Keyboard Shortcuts settings.

Mac version, if it matters.



When you say WYSIWYG editor, Mac version, what program are you referring to.?

The "experimental" WYSIWYG editor in Joplin. See attached.

I too miss the "shortcuts" that are in the code editor, that are missing in the WYSIWYG editor. In the code editor they are simply code, but it would be nice if that code syntax was still recognised in the WYSIWYG editor.
E.g. "#" creates a H1 in the code editor, but not the WYSIWYG editor. "-" to create bullets. "##" to create H2, etc etc.

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I would like either solution. But Shortcuts for all List variations, Headings, Horizontal line would be really great. I know there are limitations to the wysiwyg editor, but it seems the translation of pasted html into markdown works just fine most of the time with Lists and Headings.
It would be really great if at least the commands for Lists, headings and horizontal line could be made usable in the WYSIWYG editor. then we could create our own Shortcuts with the keymap .json

Has there been any progress on this? At this point I'd much rather use this editor than write raw MD, especially because there's no option to shorten links.


I'm missing specifically shortcuts for:

  • Bullet lists
  • Ordered lists
  • Task lists
  • All kinds of headings (1-6 (why only 1-3 available in WYSIWYG?))
  • Marker

However I think that any option should let the user configure a shortcut in the shortcuts panel. But at least these please!! :pray:

Having to switch to the mouse so often difficult usage for this mode, which is otherwise quite nice.


I am missing this as well. Wondering if this got added? browsing the UI I could not figure out a way to set header styles via keyboard shortcuts

not only header settings (h1/h2/h3 ... h4?) but also bullet points and checkboxes

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FWIW I found three working shortcuts for the rich editor:

|to-do list |⌘ + Shift + 6|
|Numbered list |⌘ + Shift + 7|

|Bulleted list |⌘ + Shift + 8|

The last two are the same used in google-docs. The bulleted list one was almost a deal breaker for me to use the WYSIWYG editor. Still missing a way to set header levels via shortcut but at least now the wait is more bearable :slight_smile:


Nice! Those should appear just by hovering on the buttons. Also it would help to remember if the toolbar icons were in the same order as the keys 7, 8, 9 (BTW for me are those keys, not 6, 7, 8, and changing the "mac flower" for Ctrl).

joplin uses tinymce for wysiwyg You can use shortcuts available here


Thanks! So in this case it was Alt+Shift+X (Windows) and Ctrl+Option+X (OSX) to toggle Header X (and 7 for Paragraph). Other text formatting shortcuts work, but the "meta" shortcuts that control application focus, fullscreen, etc. seem not to work, as the main app must be in control of those.