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Keyboard shortcuts for headers in WYSIWYG editor? H1, H2, etc?

Does the WYSIWYG editor have a shortcut for header levels (H1, H2, etc?). I use these more than any other shortcuts/formatting but don't see them as an option in the Keyboard Shortcuts settings.

Mac version, if it matters.


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When you say WYSIWYG editor, Mac version, what program are you referring to.?

The "experimental" WYSIWYG editor in Joplin. See attached.

I too miss the "shortcuts" that are in the code editor, that are missing in the WYSIWYG editor. In the code editor they are simply code, but it would be nice if that code syntax was still recognised in the WYSIWYG editor.
E.g. "#" creates a H1 in the code editor, but not the WYSIWYG editor. "-" to create bullets. "##" to create H2, etc etc.

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