KaTeX-Link works, occupies window, no way back?

Trying \KaTeX I copy/pasted a \KaTeX-Link in a note like the line:

The Link $\href{https://khan.github.io/KaTeX/}{\KaTeX}$ is showing

which does work (since Joplin-Version >= 10.0.117?).

Clicking it replaces the rendered markdown page by the linked webpage.
On Android (vers *.225) I can switch to editing, and then to rendered again,
and I am back on 'my note', BUT on Ubuntu and/or Debian the webpage
stays, even if I change the note (editing pane switches correctly).

Switching layout ONLY shows { Editing | Website | Both }
BUT it is difficult to find a way back to { Editing | markdown | both }.

At last I found out: seemingly only by switching to Preferences
by Ctrl-, and leaving it by mouse, I can get the normal view again.

If I use a 'normal' link of 'md' syntax, it renders in the current browser
as usual and as preferred :slight_smile:

Any Ideas how to fix it (use browser as supposed), or to work around
by something more intuitive, simpler than 'preferences and back'?


It’s a bug. Any chance you could you create an issue on github for it?

An Issue seems not to be necessary any more. After ANDROID update to Version 1.0.234 the specific error (no way back) is gone. I can leave the browser-pane like any note. It might be ‘surprising’ to get the embedded webpage instead of launching the browser explicitly (like the Joplin links do it), but it is no crippling error any more.

If you consider the new status still as a bug, I can open an issue.