[Feature Request] KaTeX Version is Outdated


I met with Joplin a little time ago and moving all my notes to Joplin step by step. Especiall my univeristy notes are important. But what makes me sad is KaTeX version is a little outdated. Current KaTeX version is 0.13.x but Joplin is still using 0.12.0. Is there any chance to update KaTeX? Because they brought support for many environments, especially for the commutative diagrams. It would be great.

To test the new version in Joplin, can you post some examples of these new features available since 0.12.0?

This is the example TeX I used in Joplin.

According to the Changelog of KaTeX they added major support for important environments in 0.13.0

And \minuso added in 0.12.x, which Joplin is currently using.

\begin{CD} A @>a>> B \\ @VbVV @AAcA \\ C @= D \end{CD}

And the function above, is the new environment for KaTeX which added in 0.13.0

Should work once All: Bump KaTeX to 0.13.3 by roman-r-m · Pull Request #4902 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub is merged

Just noticed small visual artefacts on vertical arrows...


Many thanks for your help.

New KaTeX will be available in the next release.

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