Open links in non default browser

Hi, I have more than one browser installed, and the default one is not the one I use when doing research and note taking. So whenever I click on a link, that link is opened in my default browser, but I'd really like to have it open in my other browser instead (it's Firefox if that makes any difference).

Is there any setting that I miss where I can change what browser is used by Joplin to open links?

I want to say thank you to all devs and the community for this incredible software, it's truly great! :tophat:

Thank you!

Is right click on the link -> copy, followed by opening your default browser and paste too much because you are doing it too many times a day ?

Yes, I already do that but but after a while it can get annoying.

Is it possible maybe via plugin? I've skimmed the API docs but wasn't able to find something relevant to this, also I'm not really expert in electron stuff so maybe I'm looking at the wrong thing.

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