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Kanban for Tasks


first, I would like to say I realy like Joplin for taking and organizing my notes. But I would also like to organize my tasks in an Kanban style.

An lightwight implementaion would be great. For example, an easy workflow with a few columns would be enough (Todo, Doing, Done).

Something like trello in Joplin. I also found this https://github.com/anydown/kanbandown which looks very interesting.

What do you think about this idea?



I think this is a neat idea @hupp , and I would be interested as well.

Gitlab has a nice way of doing this based on tags. In Gitlab, each Kanban column comes from a tag. You can pick which tags become columns and arrange the columns in whatever order you want. Moving a “card” (aka a single Joplin note) from one column adds and removes the appropriate tags.

Not sure if this concept is too far out of the scope of Joplin, but a tag/column approach might make it more applicable outside of just Kanban.

Hello @hupp, and welcome to the forum.

Bases on a tip by @victorkane in this topic I have applied a simple Kanban style workflow in Joplin like this

  • Tasks are just notes. One note is one task.
  • Views > Show note counts is enabled
  • My board is simply a notebook at the “top level”
  • Kanban columns are just sub notebooks


My Kanban board (folder) has the following sub folders:

  • 1 Backlog
  • 2 In progress
  • 3 Waiting for others
  • 4 Done
  • 5 Blocked

The workflow is then simply to move my taskes (notes) between folders as work progress.


Hi @eagle,

thanks for this tipp. This looks like a good workaround to get a kanban board. At least you are able to work like kanban, but the board view (overview) is missing. I will try it!

I have a few twists and turns added on after using it for several months (never went back to trello since I do miss the kanban board, but it’s just as easy to move todos between columns (I use todos instead of notes, and also the github markdown - [x] for sets of sub-tasks within a todo).

Couple of add-ons :slight_smile:

  1. Use the mermaid plugin for a gantt chart (pictorial + joplin links, can’t get the mermaid graphic links to work) on the main kanban parent in a regular note which can reference all the todos and the history of production. Great overview of all tasks. Requires discipline to keep up-to-date
  2. The Gantt Chart replaced a complementary outline of hierarchy of all todos in the project, but both could be cool, it’s hard to keep both updated.
  3. Some todos are epics which just reference (joplin markdown links) the tasks involved.

So I’m just loving Joplin, not just for this, but also for all the ways I use it, and really admire the hard work being put into the project as we all work and hope (and struggle) for better times.

tags are cool, I used them in my Kanban setup (using Joplin tags). Just that it’s sometimes hard to keep up in a disciplined way

@hupp, @victorkane ‘s post got me into budgeting with Joplin. It’s not the most efficient way to do it but is functional and effective, so I’ll stick with it (despite falling off a bit the last couple of weeks).

Yes, agreed, that’s what I like about the gitlab way. The tags become visual columns, and as you move cards from one column to the next, the tags are automatically swapped. Hard to describe in words, but in the screenshot below, when they move the card, it is removing the tag frontend and adding the tag staging automatically.


Just to let you know I've added a GSoC project idea about this here: joplin/ideas.md at dev · laurent22/joplin · GitHub I think it's a good idea and perhaps someone will be interested in developing this.


:crossed_fingers: also as a reminder there are more notes and discussion on the idea here: Kanban / Board View · Issue #3567 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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