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Kanban for Tasks


first, I would like to say I realy like Joplin for taking and organizing my notes. But I would also like to organize my tasks in an Kanban style.

An lightwight implementaion would be great. For example, an easy workflow with a few columns would be enough (Todo, Doing, Done).

Something like trello in Joplin. I also found this https://github.com/anydown/kanbandown which looks very interesting.

What do you think about this idea?



I think this is a neat idea @hupp , and I would be interested as well.

Gitlab has a nice way of doing this based on tags. In Gitlab, each Kanban column comes from a tag. You can pick which tags become columns and arrange the columns in whatever order you want. Moving a “card” (aka a single Joplin note) from one column adds and removes the appropriate tags.

Not sure if this concept is too far out of the scope of Joplin, but a tag/column approach might make it more applicable outside of just Kanban.

Hello @hupp, and welcome to the forum.

Bases on a tip by @victorkane in this topic I have applied a simple Kanban style workflow in Joplin like this

  • Tasks are just notes. One note is one task.
  • Views > Show note counts is enabled
  • My board is simply a notebook at the “top level”
  • Kanban columns are just sub notebooks


My Kanban board (folder) has the following sub folders:

  • 1 Backlog
  • 2 In progress
  • 3 Waiting for others
  • 4 Done
  • 5 Blocked

The workflow is then simply to move my taskes (notes) between folders as work progress.


Hi @eagle,

thanks for this tipp. This looks like a good workaround to get a kanban board. At least you are able to work like kanban, but the board view (overview) is missing. I will try it!