Any suggestions on what plugins could be created?

Thanks for clarifying @109767345. I’ll create a spec based on this so that at least we have something to go to if it ever gets implemented (I’d like to).

For the Zettelkasten method, isn’t it just about adding support for back-links, or is there more to it?


Making links easier to create would also be useful (autocomplete by title, etc).
It’s useful even for general usage but looks like for Zettelkasten it’s almost essential.


I’ll create a spec based on this so that at least we have something to go to if it ever gets implemented (I’d like to).

That’s great to hear, thanks for taking this on board Laurent.

For the Zettelkasten method, isn’t it just about adding support for back-links, or is there more to it?

That’s the gist of it yes! Essentially it would allow users to use Joplin like a Knowledge Base. It’s arguably a superior way to organize ideas without worrying too much about directory structure (and losing notes buried deep into sub-notebooks).

As @roman_r_m mentioned it would be really helpful to have some autocomplete feature when creating bidirectional links. In Zettlr, when you type “[[”, it prompts you with a drop down menu with autocomplete by note title. So for example typing “[[shop” would automatically show you the note named “shopping list”, then clicking enter would create the bidirectional link [[shopping list]].

There is one more advanced feature implemented in some Zettelkasten-compatible software, which is the ability to view one’s note structure as a graph where each node is a note, and each connection is a bidirectional link. For example, Roam Research and Obsidian both emphasize this feature. But I personally think this should definitely not be a priority: bidirectional linking is they key to an effective Zettelkasten workflow, the graph is bonus but not essential.


For now I’ve added a possible spec for the Bibtext support there:

If you have any comment on it, feel free to post here or on the issue directly.


Great, thanks Laurent!

Not that it matters, but just a tiny point: it’s called BibTex (without the “t” at the end).


I would love a plugin to view notes on a kanban board using tags for columns. This got discussed here: Kanban for Tasks - #4 by hupp and I show an example here: Kanban for Tasks - #8 by uxamanda If anyone wanted to implement, I'd be more than happy to do the UI/UX/front end. Just would need help to integrate it the db, etc (yes, im aware that is the hard part :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Another plugin I’d love is an automatically generated “tag” overview page or a way to include all the details of a tag with something that works like [toc].


Something like mdwiki “Alert” gimmicks?

Alerts are automatically placed whenever you start a paragraph with a special trigger word, that has to be followed by a colon : or exclamation mark !.
Trigger words are case insensitive, and must be one of the following:

Type Trigger
Warning warning, achtung, attention, warnung, atención, guarda, advertimiento, attenzione
Note note, beachte, nota
Hint hint, tip, tipp, hinweis, suggerimento


It would be nice to have a navigation tool using heading hierarchy like TOC.

Current TOC is good, but after I click any heading on TOC to jump to a section, I have to scroll all the way up to TOC again to make use of the headings there as quick index.

Maybe something like LO doc’s navigator as the pic attached


And million thanks for all the good works, great app!


I'm writing a tutorial on how to create a TOC plugin, which does exactly this so that might help :slight_smile: The nice thing with a toc plugin is that it covers many aspect of the plugin system - creating views, retrieving note data, interacting with the editor, etc.


Really looking forward to the tutorial and to the plugin-ecosystem I am sure will spring from this.

I proposed something similar here

Hi! just started using joplin, would love a plugin that allows for color-coded notebooks/notes/tags. Haven’t found much discussion of that here, but it’s a feature I desperately want in a note-taking system. The Zettlekasten and tag overview ideas are also very good!


A table of contents as a sidebar like notebooks and notes


maybe you can try this css for TOC, I like it like that but you can adapt it :wink:

nav.table-of-contents>ul {
bottom: 0;
right: 0;
position: fixed;
background-image: linear-gradient(to left, rgba(255,0,0,0), hsla(220, 17%, 40%, 0.5));
padding: 5px;
margin: 5px;
border-radius: var(--base-size-4);
max-width: 25%;
font-size: 11px;
height: 40%;
line-height: normal;
font-weight: 400;
it was mainly adapted from "share your css" topic and (@uxamanda + @uar I think)


Great explanations and suggestions there. I spent a little time looking at zettlr and giving the citation management wit Zotero a spin with my 2000+ entities library .
Adding to your great explanations, there is a very nice “modern” alternative to the 1980s BibTex format: CSL JSON available - among others - in the js-citeproc package also used by zettlr and others. The records look like this and are automatically updated by the Better-BibTex Plugin in Zotero when you add a new item (which happens a lot in the workflows of scientific writing). I imagine that citeproc-js would be an interesting candidate to consider for Joplin as well…

        "id": "berners-leeSemanticWeb2001",
        "accessed": {
            "date-parts": [
        "author": [
                "family": "Berners-Lee",
                "given": "Tim"
                "family": "Hendler",
                "given": "James"
                "family": "Lassila",
                "given": "Ora"
        "container-title": "Scientific American",
        "issue": "5",
        "issued": {
            "date-parts": [
        "page": "28–37",
        "title": "The semantic web",
        "type": "article-journal",
        "URL": "",
        "volume": "284"
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Hello everyone, I suggest the following two plugins should be created to improve the performance of the note list in Joplin.

  • able to add a red flag and blue circle in the left side of each row of the note list. The red flag is used to mark the importance of the note. The blue circle is used to show the note has been read already. The diagram is as follows
    flag and circle
  • able to add a text format style in the note list, especially for the bold and strikethrough style. The bold style can remind you that you are currently focused on the note. The stikethrough style can remind you that you have already processed the note. The diagram is as follows

I also suggest a plugin to enable the tree path tracing in the sidebar of Joplin just as the software “XYplorer” do. I think this function will let the sidebar of Joplin be more convenience to use. The diagram is as follows


I would like to have “tag hierarchy”, or “grouped tags”, just like the way it behaves with notebooks and sub-notebooks. Don’t know how difficult it is to implement something like this, hopefully not too bad.


This is done in the latest pre-release, and feedback and beta-testing is welcome on this feature actually.

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