[feature request] Kanban board using TODO.md format


First of all, thanks a lot for developing Joplin!

I don’t know Joplin/plugins architecture and I’m curious how hard will be to integrate coddx library to visualize kanban boards in Joplin using TODO.md format?

This would be absolutely awesome and really help me and others to transition from Notion.so since that’s pretty much the last big feature missing in Joplin.

Any tips on how to integrate it would be very helpful, as I don’t have any experience in Electron.


Well, these are just the sort of things for which a new plugin system is being made. I would advise waiting until it is ready. :smile:

Agree about waiting for a plugin, I'd really like to work on this when that system is launched. I was thinking about it slightly differently than you – basically creating the columns from tags, allowing any note to be a "kanban card". Gitlab uses that style of tagging / columns and it works well for me.


+1 for kanban