Kanban Board Project

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Would it be out of scope to build a mobile view? I would consider easy read and write on mobile an essential feature.

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Hi! Unfortunately, that's not possible currently, since this will be implemented as a plugin, and plugins are not yet supported on mobile. I think it can happen sometime in the future, because it was one of the project ideas for this year's GSoC. As soon as mobile plugin support arrives, I'll make sure that this plugin works on there as well.


Just found the project right now. This looks very good indeed! But I am not sure how this could show on a phone? Maybe 3 tabs so that they show on the screen, and tapping on one tab opens the content on the screen in full?... Having Joplin on the phone is essential. I do not like doing this stuff on the phone though (maybe a bit too old? Hahahah), but I reckon that any feature that cannot be used on a phone will be dead very quickly.

Hi! As I've mentioned in the comment above, currently this will not work on mobile, as plugins are not supported there. The plugin will generate however a static markdown table, so you can view your board. It will look something like this:


While coding the handler which creates the board when a note with a configuration is opened, a question occured to me: how does it make more sense, when the board should be shown?

Let's say you have a notebook like so:

├─ tasks/
│  ├─ task1
│  ├─ task2
│  ├─ task3
├─ board note

Currently, the way to see the board would be to open the board note first, then you could open any of the tasks and the board would remain visible. But maybe the board should show up when you just open a task note, without first opening the board note?

I'm asking, because, to get the latter working with the current architecture is not trivial because somehow all boards have to be discovered at startup, then somehow checked each time a note is opened. I haven't looked much into it, just wanted to know first if it's worth it in the first place.

I suggest you do the easy thing first, so this:

Currently, the way to see the board would be to open the board note first, then you could open any of the tasks and the board would remain visible.

Then based on feedback and time remaining we might reconsider. Unless the decision has to be made now and there will be no way back.

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Hey Balint, this is amazing, thanks for putting in the work on this! Is there already a development version we can install and try out? I


Hey! Sorry for the late answer, I've been having exams this week at university.

Currently the UI is not yet functional, but by next week I expect to have it working. I'll be sure to post the first usable version here as soon as it's ready!


Gooid luck with the exams! I'll stay tuned and check for updates here. Super stoked!

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Good luck with your exams! Excited to see this project grow, let us know if you need testers!

If you are still interested in testing, this thread has a beta build and details on installing. Kanban Plugin Weekly Report - #15 by mablin7

Plugin released! :partying_face:

I've just released the plugin on npm, it is now available for installing! In my testing the plugin proved to be quite stable and with most of the major features done, I wanted the plugin to be as accessible as possible for people wanting to test it.

Please note, that this is not a final release! There are still bugs and missing features. The main purpose of this release is to test the plugin as much as possible.


It's amazing! I would love to test, but as a noob user, I installed the plugin from the plugin menu... and I don't know how to start a kanban. I tried ````kanban ... ```, but it's not working. I'm a long time user and use a few Joplin plugin, but I would be happy to help if I find a way to start a Kanban :wink:
Thanks again for the hard work!

How do I create a board? This does not work for me

    name: Backlog    
    backlog: true
    name: Working
    tag: wip
    name: Done
    completed: true
    tag: done

Hey! Thanks for trying out the plugin!

First, make sure you've restarted Joplin after installing the plugin.

Then create a new empty note and paste in the config. Then switch to another note and back. This is a limitation right now, it will be improved in the future.

If still nothing happens, please locate your profile directory (Help > Open profile directory) and send me the kanban-logs.txt file. It doesn't contain any personal info, it's just the logs of this plugin.

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The config is correct, please try to switch to another note and back.

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