Just install version 1.0.132

Mais je vais retourner à la précédente version car impossible de dimensionner les 2 colonnes de gauche.
On peut les prendre à la souris, les agrandir, mais elles montrent une largeur 2 fois plus petite que le curseur de la souris, et quand on relache, c'est retour à la largeur minimale.
Du coup, on ne voit plus grand chose :frowning:

Update: This has been fixed: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/1265

Thank you for the latest release! I’m also experiencing the same on Win 10.

google translation of the first post:

“But I will go back to the previous version because impossible to size the 2 left columns.
We can take them with the mouse, enlarge them, but they show a width 2 times smaller than the cursor of the mouse, and when we release, it is back to the minimum width.
So, we do not see much anymore: frowning:”

Please write English.

Oder moechtest Du alles durch Google Translate jagen? 私はそうは思わないが、多分私は間違っている。Я верю, что сделал свою точку зрения.

For anyone bothered by this issue before tomorrows release, if you click to resize the sidebar and drag all the way to the right side of your screen, it should stick at the largest size. At least this worked on my computer.

Just updated mine to this version and I am experiencing the issue with the sidebar resize as well. It will allow resize, but does not stay put when you release the mouse after dragging. It will snap back to minimal size.

Windows 10 Pro - 1803, w/ latest Patch Tuesday patches. On Precision 5520, 4K screen

Please give a try to the latest release.

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Adopted! :grin:
I keep this version 134.
Thank you very much Laurent for your quick return!
And sorry for the French, the time was too late :sleeping:

Thanks laurent. Works in 134!

On a related note - I do notice that if you click on the resize bar and start to move, it flashes as if the bar’s trying gauge original width to then start resizing. It’s not an issue, more of a ui experience/cosmetic but figured I report it.

Thank you Laurent for the fix!