Joplin version 1.0.173

@CalebJohn, do you have any idea about these external editor issues? My thinking is that for now we rollback these changes to give us time to find a solution, if any.

@laurent I agree, I’m going to look into this, but my gut says there probably isn’t an easy fix.

So at least I was able to recover from the encrypted notes to unencryted ones on all devices.
IMHO there must have been some change in the database structure because as I have posted in one of my previous posts a snippet from the log file which says there has been a new database version (up from 24 to 25)!
I urgently ask for investigate this further and will not enable encryption again (-> actually not using Joplin for any serious notes!) until further notice.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to know what the issue is from the info provided. In many cases, mysterious issues like these are due to fiddling with the sync target, changing the config, or trying to fix something on the server and accidentally breaking something else.

More rarely it can be a bug in the WebDAV server (Nextcloud for example has a bug that can cause users to lose all their local Joplin data - bug that’s now mitigated by the fail-safe I’ve added in Joplin). Every time I investigate in depth these sync issues it always end up being something unrelated to the app itself and as of now there’s no known bug on the sync algorithm itself.

In your case I’d suggest to use the app as normal, but backup the data from time to time. There are also examples of crons on the forum on how to do this automatically - for example: Best method to backup notes

Ok let’s do this then. I’ll check your pull request later today and I’ll do a release with this, and the external editor changes reverted.

For me personally, the easiest fix is to enable Vim mode. :upside_down_face:

Is it possible to show where the notes are located when they are being searched (through the search bar), such as highlighting the folders/notebooks.
The folder highlighting was available in Zotero (an open source citation management software), when I press CTRL and select any specific citations.
This would be so helpful to notes management.

Thank you!

I am having the same issue. Can you provide more detail (ELI5) on the steps you took to resolve. Did you get working with latest or previous version?

I got it working with the current version (1.0.173) by looking into ~/Library/Application Support and renaming folder Joplin to _Joplin (to be able to go back in case it didn’t work out).

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