Joplin version 1.3.18


Here are some fixes, new features and improvements from the last release 1.2.6

  • Regression: Random crash when syncing due to undefined tags (#4051)

  • Fixed: Keymap editor crash when an invalid command is used (#4049)

  • New: Add support for application plugins (#3257)

  • New: Added Thunderbird count for desktop client (#3880 by @Technik-J)

  • New: Added support for Menu API for plugins

  • New: Added support for plugins packaged as JS bundles

  • New: Added openProfileDirectory command and menu item

  • New: Api: Added service to access resource external editing

  • New: Plugins: Add the openNote, openFolder and openTag commands

  • Security: Remove "link" and "meta" tags from notes to prevent XSS (Discovered by Phil Holbrook)

  • Improved: Make “update is available” dialog box easier to use (#3877 by @roryokane)

  • Improved: Sort tags in a case-insensitive way

  • Improved: Display more info while an ENEX file is being imported

  • Improved: Made toolbar buttons bigger and swap order of bullet and number lists

  • Improved: Api: Allow preserving timestamps when updating a note

  • Improved: Added support for a custom S3 URL (#3921) (#3691 by @aaron)

  • Improved: Actually enter insert mode after pressing o/O in CodeMirror vim mode (#3897 by Caleb John)

  • Improved: Simplified and improve command service, and added command palette

  • Improved: Tray: Exit -> Quit (#3945 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)

  • Improved: Import <strike> , <s> tags (strikethrough) from Evernote (#3936 by Ian Slinger)

  • Improved: Make sidebar item font weight normal (not bold)

  • Improved: Plugin API - added support for settings.globalValue method

  • Improved: Remove Hide Joplin menu item on Linux and Windows

  • Improved: Removed OneDrive Dev sync target which was not really useful

  • Improved: Allow setting note geolocation attributes via API (#3884)

  • Improved: Disabled emoji highlighting in editor when emoji plugin is disabled (#3852 by Rahil Sarvaiya)

  • Improved: Sort search results by average of multiple criteria, including 'Sort notes by' field setting (#3777 by @shawnaxsom)

  • Improved: Make sure all commands appear in keymap editor

  • Fixed: Add history backward and forward commands to keymap and menus (#4010)

  • Fixed: Fixed handling of Option key for shortcuts in macOS

  • Fixed: Fix slow Katex rendering when there are many global definitions (#3993)

  • Fixed: Fix syntax of imported resources when importing ENEX as HTML

  • Fixed: Fixed OneDrive authentication

  • Fixed: Fixed sync issue when importing ENEX files that contain new line characters in the source URL attribute (#3955)

  • Fixed: Handle gzipped CSS files when importing from clipper (#3986)

  • Fixed: Update highlight.js to fix freeze for certain code blocks (#3992)

  • Fixed: Fix search filters when language is in Korean or with accents (#3947 by Naveen M V)

  • Fixed: Fixed freeze when importing ENEX as HTML, and fixed potential error when importing resources (#3958)

  • Fixed: Fixed setting issue that would cause a password to be saved in plain text in the database, even when the keychain is working

  • Fixed: Fixed sidebar performance issue when there are many notebooks or tags (#3893)

  • Fixed: Allows toggling external editing off and on again (#3886)

  • Fixed: Fixed toggleNoteList and toggleSidebar commands

  • Fixed: Fixed Toggle Editor button tooltip and icon