Joplin version 1.0.173

here is a new release since the hacktoberfest with new features and many improvements

New Features

  • New: Add new setting to show note counts for folders and tags (#2006)
  • New: Add keyboard modes to editor (vim, emacs) (#2056) (#1298)
  • New: Added link resource icon (#2035)
  • New: Add <kbd> tag support (#2044) (#2043)
  • New: Add Nord theme (#2004) (#1903)
  • New: Add menu item to toggle note list (#1991) (#1988)
  • New: Add context menu and menu item to create sub-notebook (#1984)
  • New: Add typographer support (#1987)


  • Improved: Set user-agent header to Joplin/1.0 (#2064) (#2042)
  • Improved: Prevent window from being shown on startup when it should be hidden in tray (#2031)
  • Improved: Allow selecting what views should be available from the Layout button (#2028) (#1900)
  • Improved: Fill X primary selection from the editor on text selection (#2029) (#215)
  • Improved: Allow custom CSS when printing (#2014) (#1918)
  • Improved: Update Markdown plugins: toc-done-right, anchor (#2005) (#1953)
  • Improved: Handle WebDAV server with empty XML namespaces (#2002)
  • Improved: Stop watching external edits when closing editor (#1981)
  • Improved: Allow apps to work with read-only profile


  • Fixed: Fix handling of URLs that contain single quotes (#2030)
  • Fixed: Prevent horizontal scrolling on Linux when a scrollbar is present in note list (#2062) (#1570)
  • Fixed: Fix TOC with special characters (#2052)
  • Fixed: Stop print command from resetting theme (#1999) (#1790)
  • Fixed: Fixed attachment markup when importing ENEX files as HTML so that it works in mobile too
  • Fixed: Api: Fixed error handling when getting resources of a note that does not exist (#2018)
  • Fixed: Fix scrolling issue when clicking on internal link (#1867)
  • Fixed: Open links in external browser from revision view (#2008)


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Thanks for these useful new features!

After updating on Win 10 pro, when trying to open a note in external editor, the following pops up instead of the editor (Typora):


Please, help!

I had the same problem, you have to set the test editor in options.

After that I have another problem: opening a note in the external editor (Notepad++) the button doesn’t switch to “watching” and when I save the note in notepad++ Joplin doesn’t get the update.


After choosing Typora in Options/General, Typora opens up, but now:


Removed my messages, since the bug was our internet… Wifi didn’t work, but Joplin still acted like it was working. I didn’t get any “Network error messages”.

@CalebJohn, these issues are most likely due to this change: I see this as well, Joplin starts watching the file then stop right away, and in my case I know that’s because the process that starts is different from the one that opens the file (it goes through a wrapper). So the onClose event is fired immediately and Joplin stops watching the file.

That makes me think we can’t reliably know if a file is closed or not, so we might have to undo this particular change.

On Mac 10.15.1 the window has disappeared. Only the app menu toolbar remains. I’ve tried to go back to a previous version, but that app won’t load the newer config.

OS: Linux, Joplin 1.0.173
Encryption: was enabled/working before with 1 master key, password set!

After upgrading I see the following message in log.txt and a newly created test note doesn’t get synced to my NextCloud, previously existing encrypted notes still visible/readable in joplin-desktop and Android App (but any changes made to existing/encrypted notes won’t get synced!):

2019-11-11 14:52:25: “No master key is defined as active. Check this: Either one or more master keys exist but no password was provided for any of them. Or no master key exist. Or master keys and password exist, but none was set as active.”

I’ve removed the folder in Application Support, now the window is visible again.

If you go in Encryption config page, are there any master keys?

The Options / Encryption page says:
Encryption is: Enabled
Decrypted items: 19 / 19
but in Tools / Synchronisation Status Page I can read:
MasterKey: 0/0

It looks like there is no more master_key in the database:

sqlite> .mode list
sqlite> select * from master_keys;

Probably the only way to recover is to disable encryption on all devices to enable it again :frowning:

Then you don’t have any master key. If you had some before it must have been deleted, but there wasn’t anything special in this release that would cause keys to be deleted. Is there any error in the log?

Any what if you sync with a fresh new client - does it pick up the master key?

From log-database.txt:

2019-11-11 10:40:46: “Settings have been saved.”
2019-11-11 10:44:04: “Database was open successfully”
2019-11-11 10:44:04: “Checking for database schema update…”
2019-11-11 10:44:04: “Current database version”, “24”
2019-11-11 10:44:04: “Converting database to version 25”
2019-11-11 10:44:04: “Initializing tables…”
2019-11-11 10:44:06: “Saving settings…”

… and log.txt:

2019-11-11 10:40:46: “Total resources: 0”
2019-11-11 10:44:04: “Profile directory: /home/user/.config/joplin-desktop”
2019-11-11 10:44:04: “Trying to load 0 master keys…”
2019-11-11 10:44:04: “Loaded master keys: 0”
2019-11-11 10:44:04: “ResourceFetcher: Auto-add resources: Mode: always”
2019-11-11 10:44:04: “ResourceFetcher: Auto-added resources: 0”
2019-11-11 10:44:04: “Trying to load 0 master keys…”
2019-11-11 10:44:04: “Loaded master keys: 0”

Editing in external app started to work all of a sudden. Editor opens up and all the changes made in the note get saved.

Which operating system are you on? And which external editor do you use? This will be very useful information for us so that we don’t accidentally make a change that stops it from working.

Referring to the previous.

Oops, thank!

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For me external editing works fine with the new auto-unwatch functionality but only when editing one external file at the time:

  1. Open Joplin note “A” > Edit in external editor = No problem. Seems to work bullet proof.


  1. Open Joplin note “A” > Edit in external editor and then
  2. Open Joplin note “B” > Edit in external editor (while Typora still has note “A” open) does not work:

In the latter case Typora says: Failed to load file. EOENT: path_to_file\

Windows 10 Pro
Typora 0.9.79

The same on VS Code (1.40.0). Editing a single note works better than before (Joplin stops watching automatically when Code is closed), but a second note is opened as “edit-…md (deleted)”.

Same issue also present on MX Linux 10 and Typora 0.9.79.