Joplin version 1.0.193

here are the News Features and Improvements and Fixes

New Features

  • New: Added concept of provisional note to simplify creation and handling of newly created notes

  • New: Add word counter feature to notes (#2444) (#160 by @jdrobertso)

  • New: Added zoom controls to the application menu (#2162)

  • New: Added Mermaid diagrams support (#2001)

  • New: Add “add or remove tags” for multiple notes. (#2386) (#539 by @mic704b)

  • New: Added new date format YYYY.MM.DD (#2318 by XSAkos)

  • New: Added new, more secure encryption methods, so that they can be switched to at a later time

  • Fixed: Handle invalid UTF-8 data when encrypting (#2591)

  • New: Add more context to encryption errors

  • Security: Fixed potential Arbitrary File Read via XSS (Reported by Javier Olmedo, fixed by Laurent Cozic)


  • Security: Changed default encryption method to CCM
  • Security: Change geolocation service to to improve privacy (#2503 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)


  • Improved: Improve code css for Solarized Dark (#2626 by @rajprakash)
  • Improved: Empty note body has 0 line count (#2623 by @jdrobertso)
  • Improved: Use asar packing to improve performances (#2531 by @R-L-T-Y)
  • Improved: Implement “show all notes” (#2472) (#262 by @mic704b)
  • Improved: Create a screen that list all the resouces (#2189) (#592 by Georg Grab)
  • Improved: Ensure tabs act like tabs and spaces act like spaces in editor. (#2508 by @mic704b)
  • Improved: Update Electron to 7.1.12 (#2500 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Improved: Support export of multiple notes to PDF files. (#2468 by @mic704b)
  • Improved: Use current year in About box (in the copyright text) (#2466 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Improved: Show master instead of HEAD as branch in about box (#2465 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Improved: Sort tags in drop-down list (when adding tags) (#2453 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Improved: Support scrolling in the note list using keys (eg page up, page down) (#2404 by @mic704b)
  • Improved: Do not select pasted text no matter the paste method (#2431 by @mic704b)
  • Improved: Support list creation on multi-line selections (#2408) (#1014 by @mic704b)
  • Improved: Allow --no-sandbox flag to go around AppImage limitation (#2436 by Vaidotas Simkus)
  • Improved: Reset time fields when duplicating a note (#2428 by Andrey Dolgov)
  • Improved: Improved Note search bar UI (#2329 by @mic704b)
  • Improved: Emphasise note title (#2311 by @mic704b)
  • Improved: Support “select all” in the note list (#2403 by @mic704b)
  • Improved: More info for “unknown profile version” error message (#2361 by @mic704b)
  • Improved: Handle Thai language in search (#2387) (#2279 by Kirtan Purohit)
  • Improved: Improve appearance of note Info dialog


  • Fixed: Fix issue with disappearing button labels in toolbar (#2619) (#2615 by @anjulalk)
  • Fixed: Fix window dimensions and position when the application starts (#2514) (#2476 by Daulet Amirkhanov)
  • Fixed: Improved detection of selected text when applying formatting (#2582) (#2573 by @Rishgod)
  • Fixed: Speed up WebDAV and Nextcloud Sync on Linux (#2577) (#1023 by @WisdomCode)
  • Fixed: Fix to update tag list when note is deleted. (#2554 by @mic704b)
  • Fixed: Fix Resources menu item on macOS (#2530 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Fixed: Fixed search bar text not visible in dark mode
  • Fixed: Better handling of rare error in WebDAV server (#2485)
  • Fixed: Fixed note renderer asset caching issue
  • Fixed: Add new Katex fonts to improve rendering (#2478) (#2477 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Fixed: Fix .desktop file & force refresh (#2479 by Brandon Wulf)
  • Fixed: Fixed incorect location format (#2480 by @anjulalk)
  • Fixed: Fix importing of very large attachments (150MB+) from Evernote ENEX files
  • Fixed: Fix to update the note list if the selected tag is deleted. (#2398 by @mic704b)
  • Fixed: Fix alignment of checkboxes and other list items in rendered note (#2277)
  • Fixed: Fix slow rendering and memory leak issues with Katex notes (#2357)
  • Fixed: Fix rendering of certain letters in Katex. Fixed printing when note contains Katex code (#2374)
  • Fixed: Fix markdown export (#2463) (#2455 by @mic704b)
  • Fixed: Fix escaping of title when generating a markdown link (#2456) (#2085 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Fixed: Fix rendering of tabs in code blocks (#2446) (#2330 by @mic704b)
  • Fixed: Do not show “could not print” warning dialog after cancelling print. (#2410) (#2407 by @mic704b)
  • Fixed: Fixes long lines warpped (#2447 by Amit singh)
  • Fixed: Ensure the main window is hidden when Joplin starts (#2432) (#2365 by 0xCLOVER)
  • Fixed: Fix hang when selecting tag when multiple notes are selected (also for search) (#2372 by @mic704b)
  • Fixed: Apply userstyle again when exporting to PDF or printing (#2324)
  • Fixed: Fixed update message box
  • Fixed: Fix identification of note in pdf export from main menu. (#2323 by @mic704b)
  • Fixed: Fixed bad table rendering with multitable (#2352)
  • Fixed: Fixed issues with Katex and MultiMd table plugin (#2339)
  • Fixed: Fix Linux installation script (#2333 by Carl Bordum Hansen)

Download version 1.0.193


Sorry the latest version doesn’t work on Mac OS. When you try to correct the text, characters are inserted randomly.

I have an issue with this release and I reported it both on the forum and on GitHub

That's not specific to that version though. We only support monospace fonts in the text editor.

How do I set a monospaced font (which one ) in the app to make everything work? Can you enable support for non-monospaced fonts?

You can specify it under Options (Cmd + Comma), tab ‘Appearance’, field ‘Editor font family’. I suppose Menlo is one of the monospace fonts on the Mac you can use for it.


I’ve downloaded the latest appimages but how can I download the latest Android APK? The link on the main page still points to .

Do those take longer to package?

I think it just takes a little while for all of the web-site links to be updated. I got it by editing the URL

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@tangodelta, if you use Google Play, it should also be available there. It just released a few hours ago for me

Thank you @dpoulton and @bedwardly-down ! I just updated and it works really snappy. It downloaded thousands of objects in just a while. Great job @WisdomCode !

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Got the prompt to update to 1.0.193. After downloading the update, it wouldn’t run. Long story short, the update downloaded a 64-bit version. I’m running 32-bit.

Is there a 32-bit Windows version available? I’ve been using an older 32-bit Portable version.

Why 32-bit? This machine is a Surface ProX, which is 64-bit ARM and 32-bit x86 emulator.

I would love the full install version in 32-bit, or a current Portable version in 32-bit if they are around.


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@Piscean have you attempted to download from here? I’m almost certain the Windows release was built as a 32-bit binary while Linux and Mac were 64-bit (due to most distros dropping 32-bit support), but it might have changed this time around. If all else fails, you might have to build from source to get it working properly, but we’ll see what others here say.

I also know that if you do build from source, you may have issues getting node-sqlite3 to install properly. The official sqlite3 binary used is having issues upstream with the ARM architecture and I’m not sure how to force 32-bit on Windows for this particular app.

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@bedwardly-down I just grabbed the Windows version of JoplinPortable.exe and Joplin-Setup-1.0.193.exe from that location.

JoplinPortable.exe doesn’t launch. However, if I run it on an Intel box, it launches and the About box reports that it is Win32. So it looks like it’s win32, but there’s something there the ProX emulator doesn’t like.

For Joplin-Setup-1.0.193.exe, the setup works correctly, but then when you try to launch Joplin, the system reports “This version of C:\test\Joplin-Full\Joplin.exe is not compatible with the version of Windows you’re running. Check your computer’s system information and then contact the software publisher.”

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Love the new release: Mermaid support is fantastic! is just what I needed and the Gantt charts are great! Running fine on MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2012), Catalina (10.15.3).

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Hi! Show me please example mermaid and the Grantt charts. Send me example it’s here or email.

Just copy all of this into any Joplin page:


Sequence Diagram

participant Alice
participant Bob
Alice->>John: Hello John, how are you?
loop Healthcheck
    John->>John: Fight against hypochondria
Note right of John: Rational thoughts <br/>prevail!
John-->>Alice: Great!
John->>Bob: How about you?
Bob-->>John: Jolly good!

To be clear: You take any mermaid text sequence, preface with "```mermaid" and close as you usually would any code block

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Thank you very much

Just for the record, I am in the same boat as @Piscean as I have a Surface Pro X and am able to run version 179 fine. Have 193 on the desktop and appreciate the word count function :slight_smile:

(Would love to have 193 on the Pro X i.e. 32-bit.)