Joplin version 1.0.104

Here is a new release that fixes several issues and add new functionalities

  • New: Allow HTML in Markdown documents in a secure way.
  • New: Resolves #619: Context menu to cut, copy and paste. Also added menu to copy link in web view
  • New: Resolves #612: Allow duplicating a note
  • New: Web Clipper: Support ‘author’ property
  • Improved: Resolves #647: Allow specifying text editor path and arguments in setting
  • Improved: Optimised encryption and decryption of items so that it doesn’t freeze the UI, especially on mobile
  • Improved: Set PDF default file name
  • Improved: Resolves #644: Added support for .markdown extension when importing files
  • Fixes #634: Press ESC to dismiss dialog in non-English languages
  • Fixes #639: Make sure text wraps when printing or exporting as PDF
  • Fixes #646: Mentioned that TLS settings must be saved before checking sync config


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