Joplin version 1.0.115

This is a rather large release which includes many of the pull requests that were submitted during Hacktoberfest, plus some extra improvements and bug fixes. Many thanks to all the contributors!:+1::sunglasses:

New :

  • New: Adds functionality to display tags under the open note. #893
  • New: Joplin desktop Dark Mode #921
  • New: Add support for custom css across all notes #925
  • New: Show note title in pdf export #890 #937
  • New: Display number of resources being fetched in side bar
  • New: Export notes to JSON #912 #927
  • New: Further (invisible) changes on how resources are downloaded to prepare for better resource handling.

Fixes :

  • Fix: Resolves #918: Skip properties that are on sync target but not handled by local client
  • Fix: Fixes #952: Upgraded Katex lib to fix bug
  • Fix: Fixes #953 (maybe): Improved the way internal links to notes are loaded to make it more reliable
  • Fix: Fix image fetching error for URLs that contain query parameters.
  • API: Allow setting the ID of newly created notes.
  • Renewed code signing certificate.


do internal anchors work again?

@foxmask, for information this release is private at the moment, I think only you and tessus can see it.

@tessus, not sure, I remember having fixed internal anchors some time ago, so maybe it’s fixed in this release. Please check then and if not feel free to open an issue on GitHub.

oh, "zut" :wink: but I can see the release when i'm not logged in ; without the release note details.

Now it's released officially :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the hard work.

Internal links are not fixed though. Also, where are we supposed to put the .css?

Edit: Katex colorbox works now. :+1:

Brilliant, good to know.

Internal links are not fixed though.

Any chance you could create a GH issue with an example of note and link that doesn't work?

Any chance you could create a GH issue with an example of note and link that doesn’t work?

this one has been open for almost 3 weeks:

Gotcha. Will hold on off this for now though. It won’t reflect on mobile.

What @tessus said.

I just noticed that all tags selected in the Chrome web clipper are not applied to the new clipped note in Joplin. I am not sure if this update introduced this issue... :thinking:

If anyone is trying this version, I’d be interested to know if you are getting a security warning message on Windows. I’ve recently renewed the signing certificate. So if you are getting this (or if it works fine for you), please post the feedback here.

Was it working previously?

got a security warning on windows. Hasn’t happened with previous versions (afair)

I also received a security warning on Windows.

I love the new dark theme! Is it possible to turn the sidebar the same dark color as the rest of the panels?

Ok thanks for the feedback. I see that the app is signed and the certificate valid, so I’m hoping Windows will learn that the app is not harmful as more and more people install it. If it does this every time I have to renew the certificate it’s going to be annoying.

Same here. I wanted to ask about that - since the release notes said the cert is now valid and then the installer displayed that prompt, I kept thinking I am sssoooooo downloading a virus right now :smiley:

According to my untagged notes this happened before 1.0.115.
I looked into the webclipper logs and also in the developer tools of the Electron app but there is nothing that seems to be related to this issue. Clipped notes just have no tags assigned to them.

Looks good so far. Will return with feedback in case I find bugs that don’t let me work

Just updated. No certificate issues here (Win7 pro).

Dark theme is nice, but as @GeospatialPython I would prefer to have the side bar the same gray appearance.