Joplin version 1.0.127

This big release aims at improving the overall usability of the application and to make it more accessible to newcomers.

New features: :tada:

  • New: Added Welcome notes :open_book: the first time the app is launched to give an overview of Joplin and its features.
  • New: Allow selecting editor path with dialog window
  • New: Record last selected note IDs and restore it when opening notebook
  • New: Resolves #1041: Added button to go back to previous note after clicking link
  • New: Restore scroll position when switching notes
  • New: When selecting multiple notes, display possible actions as buttons

Improvements: :eyes:

  • Improved: Added 'Insert date time' option to menu
  • Improved: Added a few more shortcuts for macOS and other platforms
  • Improved: Added Usage link next to search box
  • Improved: Allow using macOS App bundle as external editor, and improved error handling
  • Improved: Better handle search queries that include dashes
  • Improved: Delete note using keyboard
  • Improved: Fixes #1196: Optimised loading speed of notes when switching from one to another (2-3 times faster)
  • Improved: Group config options into sections
  • Improved: Improve how new notes are created to make it more reliable
  • Improved: Improve styling and layout of notes in note viewer
  • Improved: Keep synchronise button and status at bottom of side bar
  • Improved: Made confirmation buttons sticky on Config screen
  • Improved: Select notes in note list using arrow keys
  • Improved: Toggle todo checkbox using SPACE key
  • Improved: Use arrow to move between sidebar items, and added shortcuts to focus different elements
  • Improved: Use ENTER and ESCAPE to go to next search result or to close search bar
  • Improved: Use SPACE to collapse or expand a folder in sidebar
  • Improved: When deleting note, display title or number of notes
  • Improved: Highlight row backgroung in table
  • Improved: Printing page - checkboxes and background colours and images are now printed correctly
  • Improved: Add styling to the scrollbars in text editor and viewer (#1204)
  • Updated translations and added Turkish language (thanks Zorbey Do?angΓΌne?)
  • API: Allow specifying item ID for any item

Fixes :hammer_and_wrench:

  • Fixed importing ENEX file when note incorrectly contains a reminder tag
  • Fixes #1142: Disallow dropping notes on sidebar Notebook header
  • Fixes #1161: Display highlighted text and other background colours and images when exporting to PDF or printing
  • Fixes #1200: Note list was hidden when minimizing and maximizing window
  • Fixed: Do not display tags that are not associated with any note

:point_down: Download