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Joplin version 1.0.195

Here are some new features and some fixes

New features

  • New: Added experimental WYSIWYG editor (#2556) (#176)
  • New: Added way to upgrade master key encryption and sync target encryption
  • New: Add button to About box to copy Joplin’s information to the clipboard (#2711 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • New: Api: Add support for “tags” property for note PUT request (#2649) (#941 by @jyuvaraj03)
  • New: Add global shortcut to show/hide Joplin (#2653 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)

Fixes :

  • Improved: Fast notebook deletion (#2730) (#2703 by @RedDocMD)
  • Improved: Enhance notelist focus behaviour (#2520 by @mic704b)
  • Improved: Indent lists by pressing tab when caret is after bullet (#2713) (#498 by Shotaro Yamada)
  • Fixed: Expand notebook tree when clicking on notebook in search results (#2620) (#2616 by Mohammed Rabeeh)
  • Fixed: Remember last selected note (#2809) (#2803 by Naveen M V)
  • Fixed: Fix menu bar shortcut (Alt+E) while editing a note (Win) (#2776 by @nullpointer666)
  • Fixed: Fix integration test harness issues. (#2723 by @mic704b)
  • Fixed: Fix calls to non-existent function (#2675 by @mic704b)
  • Fixed: Fix format of note timestamps (#2672 by @mic704b)
  • Fixed: Fix show-all-notes update bugs. (#2642 by @mic704b)
  • Fixed: Fix issue with tag not being displayed below note when it is created
  • Fixed: Fix button label wrapping in toolbar (#2708) (#2700 by Anjula Karunarathne)
  • Fixed: Fixed renaming tag issue (#2618)


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does the 1.0.323 of android fixes the issue with the area ? or the electron fix has not been integrated?