Joplin version 1.0.157

Here are some new features and improvements

  • New: Added Persian translation (#1539)
  • New: Allow downloading attachments on demand or automatically (#1527) (#1481)
  • Improved: Make bold text more visible (#1575)
  • Improved: Add number of characters removed and added in revision list
  • Improved: Remove tags from Welcome item due to issue with cleaning them up afterwards
  • Improved: Handle missing resource blob when setting resource size
  • Improved: Gray out checkboxes that have been ticked inside notes
  • Improved: Put back “Fetched items” message during sync
  • Improved: When opening a note using Goto Anything, open all its parent notebooks too
  • Fixed: Clears search when clicking on a notebook. (#1504) (#1186
  • Fixed: Default sort order for notebooks should be title and ascending (#1541)
  • Fixed: Added backticks to auto-wrapping quotes. (#1534) (#1426)
  • Fixed: Prevent app from trying to upload resource it has not downloaded yet